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Tip of a very moldy iceberg

Just received a large number of very moldy cushions from a set of outdoor patio furniture. Just how moldy were these cushions? About as moldy as two-week-old Chinese takeout. Refrigerator science experiment moldy.


Yes, we dry clean NYC patio furniture as well

Yes, we dry clean NYC patio furniture as well


And the stack only gets bigger…




and bigger!



Imagine if this moldy iceberg was let go until next season? Hey, sometimes being a cleaner is a dirty job! We’ll never turn down an upholstery cleaning job, indoor or outdoor!


Map of new Meurice Garment Care store in Manhasset, Long Island

Here’s a map we created to show the dry cleaning locations opening and closing in Manhasset, Long Island.

The Meurice at 16 Park Avenue will close its doors on Monday, November 30, when the new store opens its doors at 249 Plandome Road..

Meurice Garment Care in Manhasset, Long Island

Meurice Garment Care in Manhasset, Long Island


If you’d like to see all our Meurice Garment Care locations, use this link here: Meurice Garment Care Google Map.

Meurice Garment Care to open new store in Manhasset, Long Island

11/17/09: MANHASSET, NY — Meurice Garment Care, New York City’s leading dry cleaning service, announced today a new retail location to replace their current Manhasset, Long Island cleaning location.

Wayne Edelman, president of Meurice, says he wanted the new location to combine the experience and aesthetic of a 5-star hotel with that of a Chealsa art gallery. At Meurice, Edelman explains, “customer service is a priority and our handiwork showcases ‘the art of clean.’”

The new location, 249 Plandome Road, just across from the Long Island Railroad station, will open its doors on Monday, November 30. Of course, the full range of Meurice services will be available, including laundered shirts, custom dry cleaning and complete wedding gown care, as well as cleaning and repair for accessories such as handbags and shoes. Meurice also has a specialized team which exclusively handles interior cleaning jobs such as tapestries, rugs, carpet, draperies and upholstery.

Meurice Garment Care shares little with a typical dry cleaner. Operating in four locations, Meurice relies on extensive hand care and manual inspection within a sophisticated 15,000 square foot production facility located in the Bronx. Founded in 1948 in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village, Meurice has forged a well-deserved reputation for attention to detail and commitment to immaculate cleaning.

In the production facility, garments are passed along a conveyor system to be individually treated for stains, spot cleaning, odor, pressing and custom packing – just to name a few areas of attention.

“We think of each garment as an individual project,” explains Edelman, who was dubbed the ‘Stainmaster’ by the New York Times. “That means every piece must be evaluated and hand inspected along each step of the way.”

Meurice has kept Long Island clients clean since 1995, operating at times in Hewlett and on Manhasset’s Park Avenue. The new store, however, gives the Stainmaster a location more convenient for commuters and easily adapted to Edelman’s vision of high-end retail presentation.

“We know your luxury pieces are an investment,” says Edelman. “Trust us to protect them.”

Closing our Manhasset store on 16 Park Ave

We're closing our 16 Park Avenue location, but those on Long Island won't have far to go for the best in dry cleaning and garment care. Please visit our new location at 249 Plandome Road. It's adjacent to the parking for the train station and just around the corner from 16 Park Ave.

We’re closing our 16 Park Avenue location, but those on Long Island won’t have far to go for the best in dry cleaning and garment care. Please visit our new location at 249 Plandome Road. It’s adjacent to the parking for the train station and just around the corner from 16 Park Ave.

Why there’s no such thing as ‘Organic Dry Cleaning’

Dry cleaning isn’t peaches; it’s not agriculture. And dry cleaners, whether they’re labeled “organic” or not, won’t be showing up at your local farmer’s market any time soon.

So what’s with the “organic” dry cleaner that just popped up on your block? Are you going to have to switch to that guy, to maintain your commitment to a greener lifestyle? Well, as with all of our other services, there’s Meurice and then there’s everyone else.


No, Meurice isn’t jumping on the “green” bandwagon by slapping the “organic” label on everything we do. That’s disingenuous and misleading.   Meurice does care about the environment, the safety of our customers and our employees, and always has. In fact, Meurice Garment Care has been recognized for years by agencies and organizations, including the EPA, for our commitment to safe and responsible cleaning. We share your environmental values and want to make sure you know about it.

Meurice doesn’t cut corners with your clothing, your fine linens, or anything else. The same goes for our processes in our plant.

  1. We offer a broad spectrum of EPA-preferred cleaning processes, including wet-cleaning.
  2. We use the newest, most energy-efficient equipment available.
  3. Our newly remodeled plant offers an abundance of natural lighting via skylights. Skylights offer healthy, natural light for our employees and also cut back our energy usage.
  4. We use the safest, most environmentally responsible systems to deal with the byproducts of our work.
  5. We recycle everything, even our hangers!

So what does this mean to you? It means you can feel good–heck, you should feel great–about using Meurice. We’re shrinking our carbon footprint faster than you can say “Manolo Blahnik.”

At Meurice, we’ve always prided ourselves on being different than everyone else. And in this new Green Revolution, we’re different too. These other guys–the “organic” guys–they’re still figuring this stuff out. Meurice has been using the Eco-Care system for almost two decades.

Need a little more reassurance? “I use the Eco-Care process on my own children’s clothes,” says Meurice President Wayne Edelman. “If it’s safe enough for them, I promise it’s safe enough for you.”

Isn’t it time you cleaned up your act?

Hygenic handbag cleaning in New York City

Hygenic handbag cleaning in New York City

Tim Russert had his Dad to help keep him connected, and I have my wife.  She isn’t a crazy germ-o-phobe, but her antennae is up and her radar is on when it comes to good hygiene.

So when she told a girlfriend to take her handbag off our kitchen counter because it was full of germs, I listened up. After a bit of research, I found out she was 100% correct. (What else is new, right?)

Did you know that lab studies have shown that the bottom of a handbag or attache is likely to be full of the same germs, bacteria (ex. e-coli) and microbes as thebottom of your shoes? YUCK!

And while, you don’t go around touching your shoe soles all day long, it’s a pretty safe bet that you’ll touch the bottom of your handbag, rest it on your lap or in some way, shape or form – make contact.

And that’s why we introduced hygienic handbag and attache cleaning to our list of services.
Of course we know it’s equally important that your bag looks great, and you can rest assured that we are masters at making your handbag and attache look like new again.

Best of all, we’ll include a complimentary Purse Hook with all our cleaning, so it’s easy to keep your purse clean, and away from surfaces where food is prepared (tables, kitchen counters, the desk you keep eating your lunch at, etc)..

Let us clean up your act — give us a call at 800.240.3377 or reach us online. And at the very least, will you take that purse off our kitchen counter?


Amazing restoration work on wedding gown

Enjoy your wedding… it’s over in a flash. Even the worst case wedding gown scenario:

Before wedding gown

Torn wedding gown bodice before restoration

.Is fixable with Meurice:

After wedding gown

Wedding gown after repair

Trust Meurice to clean your wedding gown.

Fantastic before & after shots of a pair of vintage Emilio Pucci shoes

These shoes cleaned up so nicely I had to post them. The client who dropped these off was very concerned about the ability of the vintage fabric to hold up to cleaning, but our master cobbler did a great job. The after pictures look so great you’d almost think we just put dirt on these Puccis after the photos!

Here’s the shots  :.







Don’t you hate those stupid sticky note name tags?

We’ve all been at a networking meeting or high school reunion where we’re forced to sit down with these silly sticky tags. We at Meurice, however, see more than our fair share  of tags (or at least the damage they cause!) on suede or leather cleaning items.


Hi, I leave tacky residue that's tough to remove from leather jackets

Hi, I leave tacky residue that’s tough to remove from leather jackets


Of course, our skilled technicians can get the stain left by name tags out of your favorite leather jacket… but save the trip. Put the sticky tag on your skin, or a fabric like cotton (if you’re absolutely forced to wear the tag at all!)