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Cleaning spin cycle shoes (these were really gross!)

Being the clean freak that I am, my gym gear is constantly laundered. If I could, I’d wash my shirt halfway through a workout.

But until recently, I’d completely overlooked the need to freshen up the shoes I wear to spin – until, that is, my housekeeper identified a terrible odor emanating from my spin bag.

The reek that’s been creeping up in those spin shoes was unreal.

Now, unfortunately, we don’t have before and after shots as usual, since the technology behind Smell-O-Vision isn’t quite perfected yet. But, I have got to tell you: These shoes came out awesome! I can actually stick my nose in them! The smell is completely gone and once again I can leave them lying around without offending my wife, kids, or employees in the office.

Hygenic Spin Shoe Cleaning at Meurice

Hygenic Spin Shoe Cleaning at Meurice

Naturally, we’ve decided to offer hygienic spin shoe cleaning at all our Meurice locations. Our spin shoe service is fast, sterile, environmentally safe and best of all – extremely effective. We all know how attached we can get to our gear – don’t banish your smelly clipless shoes, let us keep them clean, fresh and smelling great! Our spin shoe service starts at just $24.95.

Give us a call today at 800.240.3377!

Or, visit any of our three Metro NY locations: Downtown at University Place, Midtown on East 57th Street, or 249 Plandome Road in Manhasset. We pickup and deliver throughout Manhattan and Long Island as well.

Keep clean out there,

Wayne Edelman

PS – We also offer a commercial linen cleaning service, for those of you in need of medical laundry or restaurant apparel.

Spring fling with Meurice Garment Care

Valid now through April 1st, 2010

It’s about time: spring is almost here. Cafes are rolling out sidewalk seating, “Empire State of Mind” is blaring from every delivery truck in Midtown and suddenly, the hottest fashion accessory is a tan. 

That means that it’s time for our annual rush of spring cleaning clients eager to extract salt and sand from their carpets or to freshen up after a winter in hibernation.Call us now at 1-800-240-3377 to beat the rush and save 20 percent on all interior cleaning. Meurice at-home cleaning professionals will transform your home into an oasis as tranquil and inviting as the park in bloom.

Meurice specializes in restoring all interior textiles, including draperies, rugs, sofas and upholstery to like-new condition. As always, expect the utmost in professionalism and service.

If you’ve never tried our interior cleaning, now is your opportunity to see the beautiful home you’ve been missing. That tan, however, is up to you.

Keep clean,

Thank you notes from clients at Meurice Garment Care

We love to get thank you notes here in the office. It’s always unexpected and a great feeling to come across mail that’s both handwritten and thoughtful. Of course, it goes both ways — we at Meurice send maybe a thousand of our own thank-you notes every year.





Olympic gold medalist Shaun White opens the NYSE — who’s he wearing?

On Feb. 23rd, ginger-locked gold medalist Shaun White was on hand in NYC to open the New York Stock Exchange. And when he needed the perfect western-style button down to ring in the market, he brought it to Meurice at 57th Street for alterations.

Shaun White at NYSE w/ gold medal (for effect?)

Shaun White at NYSE w/ gold medal (for effect?)

Sorry it’s a tiny picture, but we didn’t go to take photos with him — we had no idea where he planned to wear the shirt! Our tailor Jon really did outdo himself on this one; it’s a shame we can’t show it to you a little closer-up.

If you’d like to see Shaun’s photo album from his trip to Wall Street, the pics are all on his Facebook page. And, just because it’s hilarious, if you missed his appearance on the Colbert Report, you really owe it to yourself to have a look.