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Meurice’s Guide To Wool

womens wool scarf

Winter weather may be dark and grey, but that has nothing to do with fashion. Winter fashion can be as emotionally colorful as summer is visually. From wearing big chic coats to big boots, Some even prefer winter fashion to any other season. Few fabrics denote the sense of warmth, style and comfort like wool. Its incredibly durable, warm and breathable. For some history and care of this wonderful textile, follow the link !

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20% Off On Alterations

Fashion is all about the right fit. Meurice knows this better than anyone. Now through February 15, get 20% off on all of your alterations needs. Download this coupon and bring it in upon getting your fittings done. If you want more info contact our service professionals.

20% Off Alterations


Subscribe First Tie Cleaned!

Meurice Garment Care’s mailorder tie cleaning service has cleaned its very first tie! Just like every store that frames its first dollar it made, here is a picture of the sites very first cleaned tie from a customer in Philadelphia. It is off to be shipped back to the owner.

Meurice First Tie Site Cleaning



Chic And Warm…Meurice’s Guide To Knits….

Big Sweater Meurice garment care

Dating back to the times of ancient egypt, knitting is one of the oldest and simplest forms of manufacturing clothes. If you are from any cold weather climate , and especially from New York City, chunky scarves and big sweaters are a fashion must for both men and women. They literally scream style when wearing them  with words of chic and sophistication all over. For more info on the history and care of knitwear, follow the link.

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Great Yelper Review About Meurice

I love when we get great reviews. Meurice strives at being the absolute best in the business with unmatched service and results. It’s so great when we can share what others are saying about us. I especially liked this review from one Yelper named Praxun W who loved our cleaning services.

I usually don’t write reviews about businesses because I don’t feel they need the free publicity, but when there’s a service that is so exceptional, so professional, and that truly helps people with their problems and satisfies their needs, then I feel that by describing it to others , I’m doing a positive and helpful public service.

I brought in my stained and beat up $2500 Zegna coat and asked them to clean and restore it. It had leather trim and leather buttons, and I was afraid of letting the neighborhood dry cleaners ruin it. When Meurice delivered it to me a week later, it looked brand new. What I saw exceeded my expectations.

I also brought in my favorite Ralph Lauren white shirt that was stained all over with oil. I went to about five so called “high end cleaners” near me in TriBeCa, and they all said the same thing: “it’s impossible to clean these kinds oil stains that have already been oxidized into fabric, even with industrial bleach; it’s best to just throw it out.” I almost gave up until a friend told me about Meurice Garment Care in the Village. They completely eliminated all the stains and discoloration without damaging the fabric.

Steven, the gentleman who helped me, explained everything to me, told me exactly how they treated and cared for the fabrics, and was extremely nice and informative. I felt I had superb professional service by a great staff.

Ultimately, Meurice Garment Care is not just a business, it’s a special service, whose goal is to make their customers happy and satisfied. They did what nobody else could by fixing my white shirt, and they restored and cleaned my coat with the kind of care and attention that I’ve rarely encountered from any business or service. The bottom line about Meurice is that they understand how much you care and love your own garments, and they do their very best to solve your problems and satisfy your needs.

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Meurice’s Guide To Denim Garment Care


Denim Pants

Denim is one of the most timeless fabrics that never seems to go out of style. In fact, next to cotton, denim is one of the most popular and widely worn fabrics. Its strength makes it last long, its versatile and can look great in many different styles of cut, and various washes can signal various trends and decades. Once designated as the fabric for working slaves, cowboys, outcast and ruffians, denim is an absolute must  for any serious rocker, model and fashionista’s closet.

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Garmentcare.Com/Ties IS ALIVE… Mail Order Tie Cleaning Is On

Hey everyone, if you have not seen in any previous months post, Meurice has been working on our new mail order silk tie cleaning service. With, in 3 easy steps you can have your silk tie payed for with a shipping label to ship to us and ready to mail out. If you can do Netflix or mail a letter, you can get your  designer silk ties cleaned the right way. For more information check out our press release.

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Top 6 Tips For Handbag Care!

If you are a regular follower of the Meurice blog, you may have read our October article, “How we clean & restore your handbags the right way”. Well I wanted to give our readers new and old a quick set tips on how you can quickly take care and extend the life of your designer handbag.

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