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Running Of The Brides 2011 Mayhem Video!!

Friday February 18th, Team Meurice  worked Running Of The Brides at Filene’s Basement on Broadway  to help all brides to be get a great fit for their gowns. Simply put, it was pure mayhem. For some great video of the insanity follow the break.

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Running Of The Brides 2011 Discounts!

To all brides to be who attended Filene’s Basement’s Running Of The Brides 2011 this past Friday, February 18th, Remember to SAVE YOUR BRACELETS! We handed out a bunch of purple silicon Meurice Garment Care branded bracelets and post cards. Make sure you wear you’re bracelet and bring in your bridal gown to receive $25 toward gown alterations, $50 toward gown cleaning and $100 toward gown preservation. The offer is valid through 2/12/2012 and dont forget to read the postcard  we gave out. It’s filled with some fantastic tips on how to pick a gown, planning your destination, how to care for the gown and more.

Team Meurice @ Running Of The Brides.

Team Meurice held down the fort this past Friday at Filene’s Basement’s Running Of The Brides event. It was absolutely an insane and amazing experience. The doors opened at 8am. By 8:02, just about every bridal gown had been ripped off the racks and snatched up by marriage hungry brides to be. It was soo jam packed  and crazy, my marketing manger and I had to literally jump on top of our work table to escape the mob. It was great. The Meurice team did a fantastic job helping anyone who needed  alterations and garment care advice and estimates. The day was filled with laugher, smiles, tons of hooting and hollering from brides who found the perfect gown. Check out some of the photos after the break.

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Filene’s Basement Running Of The Brides 2/18/2011

Friday February 18th, Meurice will be attending Filene’s Basement’s Running of The Brides event. Our expert tailors will be on hand to help all brides to be get that runway fit for their wedding gowns. The event will be held at 8:AM Friday February 18 2011. Follow THIS LINK to sign up at the Facebook pages invitation.

Meurice & Filene's Basement Running Of The Brides 2011

Meurice Press, Meurice In The Wall Street Journal!

Meurice has just received some great press from the Wall Street Journal. We were featured in their fashion section for restoring your most valuable fashion items. Follow the link for a look at the entire article online, or you can just read the section on Meurice in the article below.

Couture Dress Meurice Garment Care


While the price of repair can be costly, investing in a specialist can not only save the day, but also avert a disaster with a vintage gown. At New York dry cleaning institution Meurice Garment Care (, each piece is individually inspected before it’s put through a customized treatment tailored to each fabric and stain type.

So, a red wine spill on a silk blouse is submitted to a completely different regimen than a splotch of motor oil on the cuff of a wool pant. “Most dry cleaners have one solvent, one machine,” said Wayne Edelman, the company’s president, who also consults designer brands on their clothing care. “I always say, beware of the plumber who shows up to work on your new faucet with a screwdriver and a pair of vice grips.”

Antique clothing, he said, is especially tricky business: “We do a lot of vintage work, but it’s funny stuff, because people want to maintain the patina. So we’re very clear about their expectations.” While the cleaner on your corner may suffice for some of your wardrobe, Mr. Edelman cautioned, “sequins, beading, mixed-material—say, a white cashmere coat with black leather trim [which could bleed into the cashmere]—you should definitely send that stuff to a specialist. You need the right tool to do the job.”

Spring Time Is Near, Meurice’s Guide To Cotton

Cotton Thigh High Legs Meurice Garment Care

Brief History Of Cotton

In celebration of Punxsutawney Phil, the world’s most famous groundhog predicting an early spring for 2011, I have decided to write about springtime’s most desirable fabric, cotton!

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