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Meurice Now Delivers (and Picks Up) From Brooklyn

Meurice now has routes in Brooklyn

Meurice now has routes in Brooklyn

We hear you. You found a great loft in DUMBO, or maybe a sweet condo in Williamsburg, and while the neighborhood’s great, perhaps the cleaner around the corner isn’t quite what you hoped for. You don’t have to lug your cleaning over the bridge, or give up Meurice for Brooklyn – we’ll come to you! It’s the same unparalleled service you’ve come to expect in the city, except we’ve brought the show on road. Right now we’re assessing the demand and will soon have a permanent schedule, for now we’re taking requests on an individual basis.

To schedule your pickup or delivery, the best thing to do is get in touch with our headquarters in the Bronx, either at 718.328.0313, or toll-free at 800.240.3377. Or, simply request a drycleaning pickup through our website. We’re always happy to go the extra mile for you – and we can’t wait to see your new place in Brooklyn!

Must Know Stroller Cleaning Tips

Stroller Stain Removal

Team Meurice has heard from a lot of clients this summer with sticky, sandy strollers in need of cleaning. No one wants to push their kid in a pram filled with stale Cheerios, but it’s not always easy to clean all the crannies of today’s high-powered buggies. There may be more moving parts in a Phil & Ted’s than my 80’s Bianchi road bike!

Granted removing stroller stains is a  difficult task, but it is certainly not an impossible one. If the stain is on a removable piece of fabric go ahead and unhook the fabric from the stroller. It’s much easier to treat the stain in isolation. Tend it as you would any other fabric stain. Yes, strollers have care label tags, too!  If you are in a situation where the fabric cannot be removed, a little elbow grease may to do the trick. Take some soap (I like baby soap) and luke-warm water and try and to muscle the stain out. If you find that this is not working it might be time to bring in the big guns. Enter Oxy liquid spray stain remover; simply spray the solution, rub it in, let set and then blot off with a damp cloth. If the stain persists, bring the stroller into Meurice and our team would be more than happy to take on and remove the stroller  stain. We dissemble the entire stroller and immerse it in our cleaning machines to ensure a nearly-new deep cleaning.

Of course, a daily upkeep with your kid’s stroller can go a long way. The next time you venture out to the Jersey Shore or find yourself in the Hamptons, be sure to clean the sand from the mechanisms and sliding tubes. Clean the chassis and wheels with a soft cloth of lukewarm water. This will extend the life of the stroller and have your baby feeling fabulous.  If you’d like to go the extra mile, use silicon spray in the mechanisms of the backrest and brakes to ensure that the parts stay in good working order.

We at team Meurice hope that this answers most of your stroller cleaning and maintenance questions. For any additional tips/advice you might have feel free to Tweet us at @clothesdr on Twitter and we will be sure to respond to any additional questions.