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Fall discount from Abigail Michaels Concierge

If you’re lucky enough to have the Abigail Micheals Concierge in your building (or a few other affiliated concierge services) you may have gotten an email this morning about discounts on some our services, just in time for fall. To take advantage of our offer, just mention that the concierge sent you when you stop into one of our NYC stores, or call for a pickup.

Your personal stroller service station (or the closest thing to one)

Say goodbye to the stale Cheerios that have been lingering as well as any leftover mystery liquids. (Is that apple juice or something else?) Meurice’s team of specialists is willing to tackle the dirtiest strollers and car seats while using the safest, most gentle Eco-Care processes. So, let your kids be kids!

Handbag Patrol

Few things come between women and their handbags—except a spilled cocktail or two, dirty subway grime, and the occasional uncapped pen. Meurice’s team of experts has been cleaning names like Chanel, McQueen and Fendi for years. Not only will they thoroughly clean your best friend, but if you ask them nicely, they will even apply stain repellant at no extra cost. Just think, you’ll never have to retire another Birkin again!

Outerwear Brigade

We know what a workout your outerwear gets. Meurice will revitalize last season’s gear so it is fresh and ready for fall. After all, these pieces are worn on a weekly basis! All outwear is cleaned with processes specific to the fabric and construction, with plenty of hand-care attention along the way. And, if you mention it, they’ll even apply protective finishes to repel water and stains, at no extra cost!

Fall Cleaning at Meurice

Meurice Release Forms

We all hate dealing with paperwork, but unfortunately there are times when it’s a must. To make things a little easier, we’ve placed our common release and authorization forms online, so they can be accessed anywhere. Each of the links below is a PDF file that will download to your computer when you click them:

Introducing Hunts Point Linen – Comprehensive Linen And Apparel Service

Contact Hunts Point Linen - 888-538-2010

Contact Hunts Point Linen - 888-538-2010


We’ve heard for years from our friends in restaurants, medical practices and co-op boards that a good linen service is hard to find. Unfortunately, since we weren’t in the linen business, we could only offer our best recommendations. Recently, however, I came to a realization: we’ve worked with nice clothes for years at Meurice, but what we really enjoy is working with nice people.

That’s why I’ve launched Hunts Point Linen – a new company dedicated to commercial linen needs from uniforms to bedding. We service clients in the restaurant business, at hotels and spas and even in food processing. Our leadership team counts many of the brains behind Meurice, and brings decades of experience with both cleaning and customer service.

So, if you need linens or apparel for your employees, let’s talk. I’m excited to be launching Hunts Point Linen, and I’m confident that we can relieve aggravation and cut your expenses!

Keep Clean,

Wayne Edelman