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Winter Shoe Care Offer At Meurice

Winter Shoe Care at Meurice

Don’t let your shoes be a winter casualty.

This time of year, I see a lot of shoes that fall victim to foul weather. It’s critical to clean and waterproof fine shoes before they see snow or salt, and we’re not out of the figurative woods this winter yet. That’s why we’re offering a three for two special at Meurice, now through the 21st of February. Bring in any three shoes for cleaning, conditioning, or both, and we’ll do the trio for the price of two.

Some brief words of advice for your footwear:

If you do get leather shoes salty, it’s important to have them cleaned right away.

If you get your shoes wet, but not salted, dry them out at home in a warm place not directly adjacent to a heat source.

While they’re drying, stuff them with newspaper or magazine pages – or better yet, shoe trees – so they keep their form.

I always tell my clients to treat their shoes the same way they’d treat a handbag, with plenty of gentle care and conditioning, your favorite brogues or pumps can last just as long. By the way, I won’t make any lame puns, but we can restore and protect your Uggs, or any other sheepskin boot, too!

Come in today to see how we can restore your footwear, and keep them looking great, even in trecherous weather. Offer valid in-store, or schedule a pickup online.

Skiwear Savings for 2012

Winter is here, and my girls have been having a blast at the ice skating rink. I know I’m more excited about the start of ski season, though, and I hope you are too.

Activewear always takes a beating, and now is the perfect time to freshen your gear up. Simply bring in your ski jackets, ski pants, ski hats and gloves – or any other skiwear – and we’ll clean them at 20 percent off. Yes, it’s safe to clean skiwear, especially with our Aquacare process – it doesn’t get any greener. We’ll even re-apply waterproofing after cleaning. Offer valid in-store, or schedule a pickup online.





Keep Clean,

Wayne Edelman

Wayne Edelman