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Wedding Gown Storage Tips

Bridal Gown Preservation By Meurice

We’ve been preserving and restoring wedding gowns more than fifty years at Meurice. I’m proud to say that we’ve seen subsequent generations wear many of the earliest gowns we preserved! With proper care, a wedding gown can be worn by daughter, grand-daughter, and even great-grand-daughter of the original bride!

When we receive yellowed, stained gowns for restoration, the most common culprit is improper storage. Most people don’t routinely store textiles for decades, so it’s no surprise they’re not aware of the safest ways to handle heirloom gowns. Fortunately, there are a few simple rules that can prevent 90 percent of age-damaged gowns:

– Store your gown in a cool, dry, and dark location. The most important thing to do is protect your gown from extreme temperature changes, humidity, and harsh sunlight. Many basements and attics are not safe. Think if you’d like to hang out in the area where you plan to store your gown. If the answer is no, it’s probably not a safe place for a wedding dress, either.

– It’s perfectly safe to take out your wedding dress whenever the mood strikes you. In fact, we’d encourage you to inspect a preserved gown when you get it back. Fabric was made to breathe, so don’t store a gown sealed up and blocked off. One caveat to this suggestion: oils on your hands can contribute to the breakdown of textiles. We suggest you wear gloves when handing a gown – gowns preserved by us come with a pair made from white cotton gloves.

– Periodically shift the folds in a stored gown, to prevent crease marks from forming. Once every year is fine. If you’re not comfortable with the process, bring it to Meurice, or any other member of the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists.

– Don’t wrap your preserved gown in plastic, or any other covering. Remember, fabric wants to breathe, so it’s critical not to impede air circulation

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Camp Meurice

My nephew is coming home from camp today…

and I can’t wait to see him! His parents are excited, too, but they’re not looking forward to seeing his muddy bags crammed with dirty clothes and bedding.

Fortunately for them, those bags aren’t even going to make it to their apartment – I’m going to have them collected from their lobby. For the remainder of the 2012 camp season – through August 28 – we have a fantastic offer to help with whatever comes home with your child. Mention this blog post to receive a 20 percent discount on cleaning kids’ clothing, bedding, even sleeping bags.

Booger at the original Camp Meurice

Booger at the original Camp Meurice

I’m sure I don’t have to remind anyone how bad kid’s gear gets after camp. Don’t fear, Meurice has an unmatched arsenal of cleaning technology and experience, and we can handle even the grungiest camp messes. You can redeem our offer in-store, or if you prefer to have bags collected before they hit your home, like me, schedule a pickup online.

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