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Sell Your Wedding Gown: Five Easy Tips

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Trends in the wedding industry come and go with every season, but it seems a growing trade in pre-worn wedding gowns is here to stay.

Wedding dresses were once considered untouchable – an heirloom to be treasured and preserved for future generations. However, a growing number of brides have discovered that unloading their gown after the big day can go a long way toward defraying the staggering expense of holding a wedding.

Of course, selling a gown can be an anxiety-inducing experience, since with luck, most of us won’t have to do it more than once. That’s why we spoke to a few veterans of the bridal industry to gather a few tips on making the process a painless as possible:

1). Sell as quickly as possible to stay with current trends:

The most popular dresses on the resale market are also often the newest dresses. The longer you wait to sell a gown, the less desirable it becomes. So – make sure you get your gown on the market as soon as you can.

2). Clean your dress immediately after your nuptials:

It’s critical to have your dress professionally cleaned, as buyers expect it to be in as near-new condition as possible. The longer you wait to clean a gown, the harder it can be to remove stains which have set, and the more likely it is that “hidden” stains such as champagne or cake icing can oxidize and appear.

3). List your dress online to get the widest audience:

There’s no comparison between online dress marketplaces and local methods of selling a gown, such as classifieds or consignment shops. Sites like have hundreds of thousands of brides who visit each month, giving you the greatest opportunity for a buyer to fall in love with your gown.

4). Take tons of photos and describe everything:

If a bride can’t try on a gown and hold it in her hands, she wants to see as much as possible. Take plenty of photos in good light, and be sure to point out any imperfections. Paperwork, such as the original sales receipt, is always nice too.

5). Price it right:

Finally, avoid sitting on a dress for sale too long by being absolutely certain you’re asking a reasonable amount. Online marketplaces make it easy to compare your gown to similar ones for sale and confirm you’re in the ballpark. If you don’t sell your gown right away, be prepared to negotiate with the right buyer.

And of course, whether you’re cleaning a gown for resale or preservation, Meurice can assist. Our cleaning facility has a dedicated production area that works strictly with wedding gowns. For over fifty years, we’ve cleaned couture bridal pieces from New York’s top designers, and are proud to work with ateliers including Gianni Versace, Calvin Klein, Dolce & Gabbana, and Barney’s New York.

For more information on our wedding gown cleaning and preservation, please contact Meurice.