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Easy Tips for Care & Cleaning of Cashmere


This time of year, we see a lot of cashmere garments at Meurice. Cashmere is among the most luxurious varieties of wool, and it’s not just for sweaters: cashmere is perfect for everything scarves to socks! Because cashmere clothing is a significant investment, it’s worth taking taking the time to care for it properly.

Fortunately, cashmere is not as finicky as it’s luxury image might lead you to believe. It’s easy to keep your cashmere looking fantastic with a few easy tips:

  • Start by reading the your garment’s labels: cashmere is commonly blended with other types of wool, and care instructions vary widely with each specific textile formulation.
  • Always hand wash pure cashmere garments. They’re easy to damage with machine agitation. Here at Meurice, we often hand wash cashmere, or sometimes dry clean it as needed. At home, there are a number of soaps and detergents formulated just for cashmere.
  • Never wear a deodorant with aluminum chloride – this can cause cashmere to become stained around the armpits.
  • Try to keep perfumes and cologne to a minimum when wear cashmere. Wool fibers absorb the scents and necessitate more frequent cleaning.
  • Keep the cat away! Cat fur gets everywhere in the fine weave of cashmere, and is difficult to remove.
  • Don’t pull a pill! Pulling pills will cause the rest of the textile to unravel. Use a cashmere brush or pill stone instead.
  • Finally – at the end of the season, put cashmere away clean. Moth larvae feed on fibers like cashmere, and wool with residue from food, beverage or perspiration are the most tempting targets.

PS – Ever wonder why cashmere gets it’s name? Cashmere wool comes from goats in the Cashmere region of the Gobi Desert.

If your cashmere could use professional attention, just drop us a line at Meurice. Even if you’re not local, we can handle all your cashmere care.