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Hand Linen Laundry After Mrs. Roles

Fine linen care

Mrs. Roles recently closed their doors, and the market for New York fine linen cleaning has shrunk considerably. Many of our clients think that it’s impossible to get hotel-crisp, hand-finished linen laundry, short of domestic help.

We’re happy to inform that’s not the case. Like Mrs. Roles herself, reportedly a ninetieth-century laundress, Meurice Garment Care specializes in precise, hand detail to fine linens and laundry. Our expert pressers have been with us for decades, ensuring each sheet and pillowcase we prepare is finished to perfection. If you demand the best for your home’s linens, let us show you why hand linen care is best. We handle each piece from your linen closet: sheets, duvets, mattress pads, pillows – even entire mattresses if need be.

Meurice offers pick up and delivery from practically everywhere in the New York metro area – on Long Island, Bergen County, Brooklyn, and of course, New York City. Contact our customer care department to experience the simple luxury of Meurice linens for yourself.