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Simple Tips for Flood-Damaged Clothes

In the wake of Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma, we thought now would be an especially important opportunity to discuss the issue of flood-damaged fabrics. The threat of hurricanes and flooding may be ever-present, but thankfully, there are some simple ways to clean mildew and prevent mold from flood-damaged fabrics. We’ve restored fire and water damaged homes and clothing for nearly 30 years, […]

Hand Linen Laundry After Mrs. Roles

Mrs. Roles recently closed their doors, and the market for New York fine linen cleaning has shrunk considerably. Many of our clients think that it’s impossible to get hotel-crisp, hand-finished linen laundry, short of domestic help. We’re happy to inform that’s not the case. Like Mrs. Roles herself, reportedly a ninetieth-century laundress, Meurice Garment Care […]

Introducing Hunts Point Linen – Comprehensive Linen And Apparel Service

  We’ve heard for years from our friends in restaurants, medical practices and co-op boards that a good linen service is hard to find. Unfortunately, since we weren’t in the linen business, we could only offer our best recommendations. Recently, however, I came to a realization: we’ve worked with nice clothes for years at Meurice, […]

Meurice Press, Meurice In The Wall Street Journal!

Meurice has just received some great press from the Wall Street Journal. We were featured in their fashion section for restoring your most valuable fashion items. Follow the link for a look at the entire article online, or you can just read the section on Meurice in the article below. COUTURE While the price of […]

Spring Time Is Near, Meurice’s Guide To Cotton

Brief History Of Cotton In celebration of Punxsutawney Phil, the world’s most famous groundhog predicting an early spring for 2011, I have decided to write about springtime’s most desirable fabric, cotton!

Meurice’s Guide To Wool

Winter weather may be dark and grey, but that has nothing to do with fashion. Winter fashion can be as emotionally colorful as summer is visually. From wearing big chic coats to big boots, Some even prefer winter fashion to any other season. Few fabrics denote the sense of warmth, style and comfort like wool. […]

Chic And Warm…Meurice’s Guide To Knits….

Dating back to the times of ancient egypt, knitting is one of the oldest and simplest forms of manufacturing clothes. If you are from any cold weather climate , and especially from New York City, chunky scarves and big sweaters are a fashion must for both men and women. They literally scream style when wearing them  with words […]

Meurice’s Guide To Denim Garment Care

DENIM……..THE TIMELESS FABRIC Denim is one of the most timeless fabrics that never seems to go out of style. In fact, next to cotton, denim is one of the most popular and widely worn fabrics. Its strength makes it last long, its versatile and can look great in many different styles of cut, and various […]

Top 6 Tips For Handbag Care!

If you are a regular follower of the Meurice blog, you may have read our October article, “How we clean & restore your handbags the right way”. Well I wanted to give our readers new and old a quick set tips on how you can quickly take care and extend the life of your designer handbag.

Faux Fur Is Warm, Sexy, and Animal Free. Meurice’s Guide to Faux Fur.

Last week I wrote about the wonders of faux leather and pleather. Thanks to recent weather conditions, meaning our crazy blizzard we just had, I felt a major urge to write about an even more fitting piece of fashion. For anyone who has ever bought a winter coat, hat or boots, you should be more […]