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Easy Tips for Care & Cleaning of Cashmere

This time of year, we see a lot of cashmere garments at Meurice. Cashmere is among the most luxurious varieties of wool, and it’s not just for sweaters: cashmere is perfect for everything scarves to socks! Because cashmere clothing is a significant investment, it’s worth taking taking the time to care for it properly. Fortunately, […]

Meurice’s 50th Anniversary – Claim a Free Outerwear Cleaning

We’re privileged to have been in business in the same Greenwich Village location for more than 50  years – longer than just about anyone else in the neighborhood. It’s been an amazing 50 years, and we’re extremely proud of our company and the community ties we’ve built. I (Wayne) have literally grown up alongside Meurice […]

Fall discount from Abigail Michaels Concierge

If you’re lucky enough to have the Abigail Micheals Concierge in your building (or a few other affiliated concierge services) you may have gotten an email this morning about discounts on some our services, just in time for fall. To take advantage of our offer, just mention that the concierge sent you when you stop […]

Meurice’s Guide To Wool

Winter weather may be dark and grey, but that has nothing to do with fashion. Winter fashion can be as emotionally colorful as summer is visually. From wearing big chic coats to big boots, Some even prefer winter fashion to any other season. Few fabrics denote the sense of warmth, style and comfort like wool. […]

Faux Fur Is Warm, Sexy, and Animal Free. Meurice’s Guide to Faux Fur.

Last week I wrote about the wonders of faux leather and pleather. Thanks to recent weather conditions, meaning our crazy blizzard we just had, I felt a major urge to write about an even more fitting piece of fashion. For anyone who has ever bought a winter coat, hat or boots, you should be more […]

Mail Order Ties Cleaning Open For Business.

We here at Meurice Garment Care are always looking to expand our reach to our customers. We are also looking to lead in inovation in the cleaning industry. We are proud to launch our new initiative. Http:// is now open for business. Follow the link to mail in your dirty ties and get them cleaned […]

Garment Care Tip – Protect Your Wardrobe Against Moths.

It’s that time of year. You go into your closet to take out those warm snuggly wool sweaters, jackets & socks and what are you greeted with? Ugly little moth larvae and holes in your designer kitwear, that’s what. How many years has this happened to you? In the following article I am going to […]

Ladies Black Moldy Leather Jacket Brought Back To Life with Garment Care

A couple weeks ago a customer cleared out her storage unit and found her items had become very moldy and disgusting. She loved this black leather jacket so much but thought it was destroyed. She was ready to throw it away before her friend suggested she bring it to us. Not only did the jacket […]

Clean and protect your patio furniture cushions for the winter

Its that time of the year. The temperatures are dropping, theres more rain than sun. Soon your patio or terrace will become more of a place to store your bicycle than a place of relaxation. Now is when you need to think about cleaning and storing your patio furniture cushions. You dont want to bring them in […]

Patio Furniture Cleaning: Meurice Goes East

Summer sun, sand, and showers can do a number on your outdoor furniture. Beverage and food stains may have set in your patio furniture covers. Moist, damp air often causes patio furniture cushions to become mildewed and moldy. You trust Meurice with your summer whites, but did you know that we clean all types of […]