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Winter Shoe Care Offer At Meurice

Don’t let your shoes be a winter casualty. This time of year, I see a lot of shoes that fall victim to foul weather. It’s critical to clean and waterproof fine shoes before they see snow or salt, and we’re not out of the figurative woods this winter yet. That’s why we’re offering a three […]

How to Clean Three Types of Shoes

As we come toward the end of summer, there are a lot of seasonal shoes out in the city in need of some freshening up. Most people notice shoes first when meeting someone new, so it’s vital to keep them looking their best.  Fortunately, cleaning shoes isn’t as difficult as it may seem at first […]

Saved by Meurice — red Stuart Weitzman pumps

Just a quick little post on another pair of elegant shoes saved by our expert shoe repair technician, Santiago. These textile pumps had grease stains from a pothole splash. Santiago was able to remove the stains and the shoes turned out as good as new. This shot here shows both shoes after just one had […]

Beautiful shoe repair on a classic pair of Louboutins

Remember when we took in these Louboutin pumps? If not, here’s a few pictures to jog your memory. The leather along the toes was heavily scuffed, and the signature lipstick red soles were worn thin and bare. What a difference an expert cobbler can make. Here’s a few shots of the same shoes, back from […]

Fantastic before & after shots of a pair of vintage Emilio Pucci shoes

These shoes cleaned up so nicely I had to post them. The client who dropped these off was very concerned about the ability of the vintage fabric to hold up to cleaning, but our master cobbler did a great job. The after pictures look so great you’d almost think we just put dirt on these […]

Saved by Meurice? Classic pair of Louboutins

Providing complete garment care can be a challenge. But, we didn’t build our name by turning down the hard jobs. Here’s a before shot from a pair of Louboutin pumps brought to us for reconditioning. Shoe repair is a delicate art at best, and matching the signature Louboutin red soles is outside many cleaners’ realm. […]

How to clean stinky boat shoes

We love the look of boat shoes, but after a long, hot summer, they can get a touch ripe. .Before you put your Sperry away for the winter, freshen them up! Smelly boat shoes aren’t nearly as difficult to clean as you might think. How to clean leather boat shoes? Just stick them in the […]