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Free Summer Storage, 2 for 1 Bedding

I love spring cleaning each year because it’s a chance to start fresh and clean out the clutter and grime of the past year. You should love spring cleaning too, because it couldn’t be easier with Meurice. We’ll clean your home and your wardrobe top to bottom – from drapery, upholstery and rugs to custom dry cleaning to restoring handbags. Plus, we’re extending sweet […]

Spring Cleaning Sale at Meurice!

It’s hard to believe spring is here after this winter, but it looks like we might finally be out of the woods. If you’re ready to enjoy your favorite spring fashions, Meurice can help. We’ve been gearing up for spring cleaning, which is good, because spring is when our clients typically bring their largest orders. […]

Spring Time Is Near, Meurice’s Guide To Cotton

Brief History Of Cotton In celebration of Punxsutawney Phil, the world’s most famous groundhog predicting an early spring for 2011, I have decided to write about springtime’s most desirable fabric, cotton!

Top 6 Tips For Handbag Care!

If you are a regular follower of the Meurice blog, you may have read our October article, “How we clean & restore your handbags the right way”. Well I wanted to give our readers new and old a quick set tips on how you can quickly take care and extend the life of your designer handbag.

Ladies Black Moldy Leather Jacket Brought Back To Life with Garment Care

A couple weeks ago a customer cleared out her storage unit and found her items had become very moldy and disgusting. She loved this black leather jacket so much but thought it was destroyed. She was ready to throw it away before her friend suggested she bring it to us. Not only did the jacket […]

Beddings and Linen — Spring Clean with Meurice and Save 20%

Now that it finally looks like we may enjoy a complete week of temperatures over 70º, you’ve probably started to think about what to do about cleaning heavy comforters, duvets and coverlets. . The bad news: That bedding isn’t going to fit in your miniature closet washer, and the oversized laundromat around the corner probably isn’t […]

Get the Ugg out — spring cleaning for your Uggs

Yes, it’s that time again. Spring is in the air. The birds are chirping, the trees are blossuming, and it’s finally too warm outside to wear your Uggs any longer. Don’t put those shearling booties away, just yet, though. Chances are this winter they were exposed to some of the worst NYC has to offer […]

Time for Spring Cleaning in the city with Meurice Garment Care

Spring is here.  Finally.  I came to this realization yesterday morning, while I was on my run in the park.  It’s hard to miss, really.  And it feels great.  I mean, the trees are budding, the birds are chirping, and I haven’t layered myself in Thinsulate for a reservoir jog in weeks. These last few […]