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Meurice Garment Care’s mailorder tie cleaning service has cleaned its very first tie! Just like every store that frames its first dollar it made, here is a picture of the sites very first cleaned tie from a customer in Philadelphia. It is off to be shipped back to the owner. REMEMBER TO SUBSCRIBE!!!!!

Garmentcare.Com/Ties IS ALIVE… Mail Order Tie Cleaning Is On

Hey everyone, if you have not seen in any previous months post, Meurice has been working on our new mail order silk tie cleaning service. With, in 3 easy steps you can have your silk tie payed for with a shipping label to ship to us and ready to mail out. If you can […]

Mail Order Ties Cleaning Open For Business.

We here at Meurice Garment Care are always looking to expand our reach to our customers. We are also looking to lead in inovation in the cleaning industry. We are proud to launch our new initiative. Http:// is now open for business. Follow the link to mail in your dirty ties and get them cleaned […] Officially Launches TODAY!

We here at Meurice have been hard at work on a new Garment Care initiative. Starting today we will have a new addition to the Meurice website. December 6th 2010 Meurice Garment Care proudly announces the launch of Our new one stop shop for web based dry cleaning devoted entirely to cleaning your silk […]

A Brief History And Care Instructions For A Necktie

Your tie reveals a lot about you: It can indicate your profession, your position within the field, your sense of style… or what you had for lunch.  One of the most commonly stained articles of clothing, neckties can also be one of the most difficult garments to properly clean. The phrase “tie cleaning” in a Google […]

Meurice’s Guide to Tie a Tie

To Tie a Tie. Its a simple enough task but so many people don’t know how to do it. How many of you have had help to tie a tie, left the tie tied in the closet with your suit so the next time you wear it you dont have to tie it again? We […]

When was the last time your doctor dry cleaned his necktie?

As Lloyd de Vries wrote an article for CBS News, “Concerned about picking up a nasty bug while in the hospital? Forget about whether your doctor washed his hands before examining you. Ask when he last dry-cleaned his tie.” Most doctors frequently wash their hands, sterilize their white medical coats, and regularly discard their disposable […]