How to clean leather purses — purse cleaning tips

It’s a fact of life: stains happen. Still, finding a stain is on your designer handbag (which might have been an investment you’d hoped to get some mileage out of), can be tough to take sitting down. We hear from customers with blemished bags nearly every day, so we understand these incidents are traumatic, and purse cleaning is expensive to boot. If you have a bag that requires professional cleaning, do give us a call at 800.240.3377 – we can clean your bag by mail if you’re not local to NYC.


Don't let a bad stain happen to a good bag (click to enlarge)

Don’t let a bad stain happen to a good bag (click to enlarge)

For minor blemishes you can handle at home,  we’d like to share some purse cleaning tips to help you salvage your arm candy. Unfortunately, purse cleaning, especially cleaning a leather purse, isn’t as simple as washing a basic tee. Fair warning: cleaning designer handbags can be risky, and if you’re not careful, it’s all too easy to transform a salvageable bag into a total loss. So, treat your bag with care and always test a new product on an inconspicuous area first.


This blog post will primarily cover leather handbags. Vinyl and plastic purses are simple to clean with mild soap and water. Purses made from exotic materials, such as snakeskin, are not a good at-home DIY cleaning project.

When cleaning your leather purse, remember that all genuine leather was once a living hide. First and foremost, animal skins needs to breathe. If you suffocate your purse with the wrong cleaner, or allow a stain to become embedded, the leather will dry out, crack, or fade. For this reason, it’s important to steer clear of most synthetic cleaning products, especially ones that are petroleum-based. It’s also important to clean your leather purse with a cloth that won’t delaminate or crumble. Use a microfiber cloth like this to wipe your bag — never use soggy paper towels.

Our expert handbag cleaner Hassan working on a microfiber cloth (click to enlarge)

Our expert handbag cleaner Hassan working on a microfiber cloth (click to enlarge)

So, how to clean your leather purse? Let’s get started. It’s easiest to clean your handbag before it gets heavily soiled, so try to freshen up your leather purses regularly. The best way to do this is using baby wash and those previously mentioned microfiber towels. Heavily dilute the wash (a drop or two will do in 8-12 ounces of water) and mix the solution in a spray bottle. Never spray any cleaning product (even watered down) straight onto your leather bag; rather, spray the solution onto your towel , then gently wipe the bag. Try to go with the grain of the leather, and use smooth, even strokes. Pay particular attention to the areas of the bag you most often touch, such as the handle and clasp, as those sections are the most likely to be saturated by body oils. It’s also a good idea to condition your bag periodically with a moisturizer specifically tailored to leather purses.

These are the areas most commonly soiled on purses (click to enlarge)

These are the areas most commonly soiled on purses (click to enlarge)

If you have a major stain, don’t despair. In the cleaning business, we refer to two types of stains: wet stains (which can come out with water) and dry stains (which must be removed by, you guessed it, dry cleaning). A wet stain is a stain with a water-soluble contaminant. Ketchup is a common water-based stain. Wet stains can be removed at home, but “dry stains,” typically greasy blemishes caused by oil, paint, wax or lipstick will need professional attention.


To treat stained leather, you’ll want to break out your microfiber clothes again and get your hands on a product called saddle soap. Be cautious! Saddle soap can streak or stain certain leathers. Test it out in an inconspicuous area first. Gently blot the affected area, or wipe if you must, but never rub a stain. You may end up grinding the contaminant in more deeply, or worse, removing leather dye with the saddle soap. This method will be most effective when a stain is fresh, so don’t delay cleaning stained leather surfaces! You can’t rush the process when cleaning handbags, so don’t be afraid to let your bag dry and repeat the process. Successful cleaning may take several tries.

Our expert tech Hassan applies specially formulated dye to scratched leather (click to enlarge)

Our expert tech Hassan applies specially formulated dye to scratched leather (click to enlarge)

Scratched bags are another common issue we see at Meurice. Shoe polish is acceptable for minor touchups, but be aware it’s a temporary measure and will rub back off over time. Be very careful not to apply too much polish, which could make a mess and cause your leather to stiffen.


Don’t forget to pay attention to metal hardware such as brass snaps or stainless steel eyelets. Believe it or not, the best home remedy we’ve found to clean tarnished and grimy hardware are Mr. Clean’s magic erasers. Keep zippers moving freely with a piece of beeswax (you can find this in natural foods stores). Never use WD-40 or similar oils on a leather bag! They can drip and cause major blemishes.


The easiest way to make sure your bag stays clean is to prevent it from getting dirty in the first place. Try not to carry pens in your good bags (ink marks are a bear even for professionals to remove) and always make sure liquid contents are secure. Be careful handling your bag at the salon, and after using cosmetics. Don’t set your bag down on dirty countertops, or worse, the floor. (yuk!) Finally, if the weather is inclement, you may want to reconsider bringing out a special bag.

We use our own dust bags because, well, we're the pros! (click to enlarge)

We use our own dust bags because, well, we’re the pros! (click to enlarge)

Take care when storing your designer purse. Never leave your purse in a sealed bag or container. (Leather must breathe, remember?) A much better storage option is a dustcover or old pillowcase. These will protect your bag without smothering it. Also, keep your bag off concrete floors (which can promote mildew) and try not to leave it in areas exposed to extreme temperatures, such as attics or closed cars on a hot summer day. If your bag has a chain handle, store the chain inside the bag to avoid scratching the outside leather when the bag is resting.

With proper care, it’s possible to enjoy most leather purses nearly indefinitely. So, if you have a designer handbag with timeless styling, don’t let wear or stains force you to retire it early. If you’re not comfortable cleaning your bag at home, we at Meurice can help! Send us an email about cleaning your leather handbag and we’ll get you a quote. Even if you’re not local to New York, Meurice can clean your handbag by mail and ship it right to your door.



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    Thanks for the information! It’s sad, but true – I definitely have a few bags in my closet that can use a good cleaning!

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    Thanks for the tips. I can’t tell you how many purses have died and gone to purse heaven that probably could have been saved. Here I thought they were a lost cause, and I could have probably gotten the stain out (or not ruined it) by simply using baby soap and blotting (not rubbing). I guess I just never realized how careful you needed to be with a leather purse. Again, thanks for the tips.

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    Great tips on cleaning leather purses. I do have a question about leather breathing, however… is a storage closet too closed in? Will that damage the leather if I don’t use it for some time..?

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    I would probably not put it in a storage closet. You are better off putting the leather purse in a regular closet within a thin canvas bag. Come down to one of our stores and we would gladly supply you with one. Before you store it I would definitely give it a light clean with some saddle soap and then massage it with a proper leather moisturizer before storing away.

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    Some great detailed tips here! People should always be aware that all leather is different, and different care should be taken on different types of leather! So always do your research on the particular type of leather bag you have. If in doubt, contact the company you ordered from and ask thier advice. In my experience, mild soap and water is the best first thing to try as this works on all leather! Ciao

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    You are better off putting the leather purse in a regular closet within a thin canvas bag. Come down to one of our stores and we would gladly supply you with one.

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    What do I do to clean a WHITE, SOFT LEATHER PURSE?
    Just follow your instructions?
    I’m so WORRIED because it’s WHITE.
    Do I condition it like your said? Or is white, by and large, insane.

    Thank you for your grand article,
    Susie Q.

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    Hi Susan!

    Thanks so much for your comment. Soft and white is a very tough combo. What is the stain substance?


    Meurice Garment Care

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    Thank you for this informative article. I am ready to switch purses I want to carry my favorite carmel leather bag. It could surely use a cleaning so I will try your suggestion.

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    Thanks for the great tips! I have 2 light coloured handbags both stained due to them rubbing on my dark coloured clothes when I’m carrying them on my shoulder. I’ve been told these stains can’t be removed. Would really appreciate some advice. thanks

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    Hi KC! Dye transfer on a light colored skin can be very tricky to treat. Removing dark dye stains could cause the original color to come out. In this case I might recommend having the straps professionally re-sprayed.

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    How to remove grease spots from a dior gypsy hobo bag Thanks

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    I have a white Coach bag that as I wore it, it rubbed against my dark jeans! Yikes. Baby soap didn’t remove it. Any suggestions?

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    How do I find a professional cleaner that will clean a purse? The ones I’ve found in a phone book clean furniture & car seats.

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    Brand new unfinished soft carmel leather purse. Spilled coffee on it – day one. Used saddle soap which left a stain (but I think it got the coffee out.) Now what do I do to get rid of the saddle soap discoloration? Thanks!

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    Great tips here! A few questions, I bought a caramel leather sooner and Bourne hobo with canvas and brass details. Strap is leather on canvas with brass hardware and brass clips allowing the strap to detach if necessary. I bought it in spring of 2010. I intend on getting about 30 years of wear out of it. However we just relocated from south Carolina to Colorado and the dry air is taking its toll. In the bag’s exterior corners there is some graying/wear. Any tips? Thanks!

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    Sorry dooney and Bourke not sooner and Bourke. Lol. Also the bag is a soft leather.

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    The best way to take care of leather is to never wear it and save those beautiful animals and the Planet. I have several really pretty handbags, which look great and are very easy to care of. hugs to all of you

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    I just wanted to add, that my handbags are non-leather ones, of course.

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    I inherited 2 beautiful Coach purses from a smoker. Is there anyway I can remove, clean or neutralize the cigarett smell?

  30. M. Gamble
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    I have a cream colored woven leather handbag, which is woven with 1/3 in. flat strips. I was able to clean it beautifully with WET ONES. It dried quickly and and now looks new.

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    Yes, it is possible to remove smoke smell from a leather purse. They must
    be treated with ozone – many cleaners specialize in smoke restoration, or
    we can handle it if there are none local to you.

    Good luck with your bags!


  32. Sherron McComas
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    I have a Vintage Gucci bag and the straps have gotten dirty from just carrying it, what can I clean up the straps with, I took it to leather repair to have the straps resewn and they told me I would have to send it off to get cleaned, and it’s not cheap but I will if u can’t give me any advice. Thanks, Sherron

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    Hi Sherron,

    What color are your straps? How old is the dirt? To be safe, start by cleaning with a towel dipped tepid water mixed with a tiny bit of baby shampoo. Gauge the results and report back!

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    My leather purse strap is starting to feel gummy/sticky. Any suggestions – I had a Doooney bag that started to do the same thing and the company didn’t offer a solution.


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    My leather purse strap is starting to feel gummy/sticky. Any suggestions – I had a Dooney bag that started to do the same thing and the company didn’t offer a solution.


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    i am a newbie and am ready to try the “hassan” method on a caramel large tote which is covered with black marks from steady wear and neglect. any special things to watch for ? thanks for the guidance- never believed i would find such a smart group.

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    Hi Lyla – Black marks are tough to remove from a light color. What material is the tote? Professional dying may be your best option.

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    Hi James

    Thanks for the website, could you help me out.

    I have a cream soft leather Raebeanco handbag, one whole side has rubbed against my new jeans and now my bag looks tie dyed. I don’t mind paying to get it fixed but i’m just not sure what to do.

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    If I have a Balenciaga bag that is pink pony hair and beige leather, how do I go about cleaning the beige leather handles without harming the pink pony hair?

  40. Posted July 17, 2012 at 11:57 am | Permalink

    Hi Aspen – that’s a difficult case! We’d recommend a professional cleaner.

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    Thanks for all the great tips. I used Seventh Generation wet ones on a lightly soiled beige and white Stone Mtn pebble leather bag and it came up great. I wiped it with a damp microfiber cloth afterward and there was no “stickiness”. I also used a Magic eraser on a few of the scuff marks. The lighter ones came off easily, including a light dye mark, but the darker ones just faded. I will try a second time. So far, no luck on the one ballpoint pen line. Any ideas? Has anyone ever tried diluted Goo Gone, which works great on cloth? I am afraid to use it on the leather. Thanks again.

  42. Holly
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    Hi! I have a soft cream leather purse that rubbed against my jeans and left a light blue tint I the side of my purse and I had a ponytail holder in an outer pocket which must have pressed against my jeans and left a darker blue ring. Help! Is there anything I can do?

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    Thank you for the information, I needed help to clean one of my coach bags. Very Helpful going to try it now!!

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    HELP! I decided to clean and condition my butter soft Italian Arcadia handbag. I used what I thought was among the best leather cleaners and conditioners (Lexol). I was sick when I noticed that my beautiful denim blue handbag was discolored, lighter and ugly. What can I do?

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    I Have my fathers old[at least 40 years old] brief case made of
    leather. I would like to revitalize it. How should I clean it
    and make it look better?

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    I wish you were in my area! I have a backpack purse that is from the seventies. A friend spilled ice tea all over it several years ago. I finally took it to the only shop I could find and the elderly man spent weeks on it—when I got it back it was stiff and looks worse. I will try some saddle soap and maybe do the Seventh Gen wipes first…thank you for all your knowledge!

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    Thank to reading these comments I have come to the conclusion that my blue jean-stained leather cream BMackowsky bag needs to see a professional. I think the stain is settled in :(

    For other tips on how to protect your handbag or boots, check out

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    This is wonderful! Thank you for this information. On unpainted bags I use saddle soap and Lexol. But have not known what to do for my painted (Coach) bags. Now I can send them to Meurice for proper maintenance. Thanks again.

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    Thank you for your generosity in telling us how to clean purses. I am particularly interested in white leather purses (which I don’t have yet but might get soon).


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    Thanks so much for the tip, i now no how to take care of my leather purse

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    My wife has a cream leather coach handbag that was marked in several places with a pen in the hands of a curious child. Is there any way to get the marks out?



  52. Posted December 26, 2012 at 4:17 pm | Permalink

    Hi John! Ink on a cream-colored leather bag is difficult, but not impossible. In your case I would recommend professional attention as treatment at home may make it worse.

  53. j hurney
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    Any idea on how to help my daughters pink Rebecca Minkoff leather purse, which has several large shampoo spots where the shampoo bottle spilled (I have no idea why she was carrying it in her purse!). Thank you for any help…..

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    I just puchased from Ebay for two Dooney Bourke Bags ( one Moss Green color Basg and one Brown color Bag ) , For All outside are %100 Leather , But for All two Bags even have a lot scratchs on them .But I need to buy for now what style Leather Cleaner , let me can to do it scratchs decrease also Leather clean , please help and intruction for method to clean them . Many thanks

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    Hi! I just bought a gorgeous vintage gucci and the black leather straps are soft and gummy – is there a way to revive them? Or are they deteriorated?


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    Bought a white leather bag on eBay that has self tanner or makeup on it. Any ideas? Thanks. I might return it.

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    need help spilled a little water on my mk peanut butter bag soft leather and I let it air dry now has a large water damage stain. I did apply cleaner meguiars conditioner but water stain still there what should I do? I juat bought it in Dec. I should have put water repellent.

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    Hi guys!

    I have a light pink soft leather Gucci handbag. Its about 6 years old and the handles and the edges of the bag have darkened and are grayish due to wear. Do I try and clean it as you said with baby shampoo and water? Also could you please recommend a leather conditioner or softener you mentioned that I could use on all my leather bags. Im in Europe.

    Thank you!

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    How expensive is it to have your handbag cleaned?

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    can you please reccommend a good leather cleaner conditioner brand?
    thank you

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    Great article,so glad I found this! I have a brand new used once soft Italian leather bag in a light aqua blue that sadly had warm/cool coffee spilled on it. I blotted it immediately but the spill pattern is still visible. I’ve tried going over it a couple of times with a damp microfiber cloth and gentle soap but I can still see the spill mark. Can this be cleaned? I’m afraid to try saddle soap for fear it will damage the color. Suggestions very much appreciated.

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    Hi guy’s, great article. We are looking for guest article’s / bloggers for our 2 blogs. Please let me know if you would be interested

    Cheers, John

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    My white leather purse got wet & was next to a red canvas bag & yes I now have pink blotches on my new white leather purse. Is they’re any hope? Thanks

  64. Gabby
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    I have a white leather Michael Kors purse that unfortunately is no longer very white :( over the years the handles and straps have turned gray from use. i tried to clean it today but it’s almost like the leather is dry or cracking on the dirty parts? Is it a lost cause?

  65. Posted May 16, 2013 at 4:37 pm | Permalink

    Hi Cheryl, Gabby – there’s hope!

    Cheryl – if the tips above don’t seem to work, you should bring the bag to a pro. Chances are the spots will come out, as long as the transfer is fairly fresh. We can clean via mail if there are no qualified cleaners near you.

    Gabby – after your purse’s handles are clean and free of dirt, try using leather conditioner / moisturizer. Unless it’s really bad they should recover. :)

  66. Kayley
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    I have a periwinkle Cole Haan tote bag. This morning I discovered a juice box my son put in my bag exploded. I can now see the staining on the outside if the bag….is there any hope to saving it without losing the color? I am so choked as I bought this bag as a ‘reward’ for myself for a recent promotion. Please help!

  67. Joanne
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    I just found a Louis Vuitton x Murakami bag at Goodwill and the employees there wrote the price on the actual bag – on the pale tan colored hard leather nameplate that’s inside the bag which is surrounded by suede. Since I only paid $10 for it, I don’t mind spending a bit to get it cleaned. It’s some type of black marker – a sharpie probably. Is there anything I can do myself or should I go to a pro/send it up to you guys? Thanks

  68. Posted June 5, 2013 at 1:16 pm | Permalink

    Hi Kaley – your purse can indeed be saved. Juice is generally water soluble, your best bet will be to clean the purse professionally in water.

    Hi Joanne – Ink stains are tricky, even for the pros. Yes, I’d recommend bringing the bag someone over a home remedy. PS – nice score!

  69. Joanne
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    Thanks James … It’s actually white, not black (funny how you remember things differently) and it looks like a paint marker. They write on everything there with markers – like the labels on clothing and the marker does always come off of the clothing in the wash on the delicate cycle using woolite – so MAYBE (hopefully) they’re using those washable markers, though this definitely looks different. The white is probably better because of the light tan color of the leather – but it really looks like a paint marker to me.
    My boyfriend lives in NJ and I’m planning on visiting him very soon so I might just bring it up to you guys since you really sound like you know what you’re doing. Thank you again for the prompt response.

  70. James
    Posted June 6, 2013 at 3:19 pm | Permalink

    Hi Joanne!

    Thanks very much for your kind words. Leather and suede handbag restoration is one of our proudest specialties, and we’d love to have a look at your bag. I can’t believe they’d use paint marker directly on the hide!

    If you’re not in the neighborhood of our stores, we’re always happy to clean by mail, too.



  71. Sheri
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    I purchased a leather purse in Italy for my daughter, and when she was babysitting the kids spilled the whole bottle of blowing bubbles inside her purse. How can we properly clean the leather purse now?

  72. Candy
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    My Marino Orlandi is a beautiful large orange bag with 18k plated hardware. I originally sprayed it with a leather protectant. Now several ,onths later it is still one of my favorite bags but the dirt shows. Please, e mail me a qoute to have it properly cleaned. Thank you.

  73. kathy
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    Thanks for the information. Some make a large investment in their handbags. I have a Jimmy Coo bag that needs some professional cleaning and I will consider your suggestions.

  74. Jean
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    Hi James,

    Please help me for my Givenchy Pandora goatskin leather only a small dot of black. is it possible to clean of baby wash or wet ones?

    thanks, Jean

  75. Posted July 24, 2013 at 12:10 pm | Permalink

    Hi Jean – I don’t think we’d recommend cleaning goatskin with baby wipes. The wipes work best on painted leather. What material is the stain? Small and black.. I’d guess ink?

  76. Donna
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    Is there a way to repair the darken handles of my leather purse caused by body oils in the hand.

  77. Marlene
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    I have an Eric Javets ‘bucket’ bag. It’s white. I’ve been looking for ways to clean it.
    I believe it’s his trademark Squishee material. What what is that?!?! It is woven and
    for the life of me can’t find out whether its woven leather or some man-made
    material. Any help would bring great wishes upon your home and family!
    ❤ No kidding. I love this bag. It’s not stained just dirty from use!

  78. Hourig Dersahakian
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    How can I clean a red wine stain on my pink Kate Spade bag. By the way I am in Los Angeles. Thank you

  79. Deb
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    I bought a used leather bag that has a very strong oder on the inside. Not sure what it is. How would I remedy this. It’s a Dooney Bourke bag.

  80. Neal Golden
    Posted September 24, 2013 at 1:40 pm | Permalink

    Most leather can be clean by wet cleaning machine. Water stains come out w the wet cleaning process. I had a lot of success using the Kreussler line and Adco line working w wet cleaning. Witch hazel work well in taking out ink. I would advice a spotter to test the leather before use it. Oil base stain can be taken out w a Hydrocarbon machine. It s all depend on the stain due to wet side and dry side stain. Some yellow stains can become permanent if the stain is there too long.

  81. Jeanne
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    Unfortunately, when I stored my LL Bean leather camel colored sling bag that I thought was empty, it was stained by a pack of gum. The gum was inside, so the stain came from inside the bag. It has turned white and feels just slightly sticky. Can you suggest how I might clean it? Thank you for your help.

  82. Sarah
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    I have a tan DKNY handbag and a nude Michael Korrs handbag. On both, the leather is slightly stained which I believe is the dye off my jeans/trousers. Even after spraying with leather protector. How can I clean them up?

  83. Kristi
    Posted November 10, 2013 at 2:56 pm | Permalink

    I have never been one to spend a lot of money on purses but I just got a purse about a month ago and paid 80.00 for it. to me that is a lot for a purse so when I noticed yesterday that my new black shirt had faded black onto the sides of my purse I was upset. I have tried a few things to get it out but nothing has helped. Please help me. I am not the type that buys to many things for myself ( rather spend on my kids) and when I do I try and take care of them so I have them for a while. There is no purse cleaners near me as I live in a very small town. I really hope its not a loss.

  84. Juan
    Posted November 11, 2013 at 12:10 am | Permalink


    My wife recently purchased the brown madewell transport tote bag. Sadly, during her flight home last night her bag was thrown up on by the infant in front of her. She was asleep at the time and woke up at the end of the flight only to find her bag had been soaked by the vomit. She doesn’t know if it was breast milk or formula but it has a large stain on the bag now and she is most distraught. I am assuming the bag isn’t treated or lightly treated from the reviews on madewell. Would the baby shampoo and water be a good first course of action followed by light saddle soap? Perhaps distiller water?

  85. Posted December 3, 2013 at 9:48 pm | Permalink

    one question:
    I have black leather seats in my car, and would always put my purse on the seat so now my leather purse has a light blackish stain on it. Would it be best just to get it professionally cleaned?

  86. cindy turner
    Posted January 10, 2014 at 10:57 am | Permalink

    I have a Hobo purse and dropped a piece of pizza on it. There is no sauce on it but it looks like some light greasy spots. How do I get that clean without discoloring the leather? It is a saddle color and a very soft not slick leather.

  87. korie
    Posted January 17, 2014 at 12:02 am | Permalink

    I have a white MK purse that my denim has rubbed off on, any suggestions? This is probably set in, girls at MK told me to use warm water and it didn’t work. Also need to know if I shouldn’t rub? Thank you!

  88. lucy
    Posted January 18, 2014 at 6:31 pm | Permalink

    how do i clean my coach purse ? its purple soft leather ? please .. it has stains all over the purse

  89. Carrie
    Posted March 26, 2014 at 6:43 pm | Permalink

    Can anyone tell me the designer of that handbag? So cute!

  90. Melissa Vernon
    Posted April 9, 2014 at 10:37 pm | Permalink

    I recently purchased a white Michael kors bag and after buying and accepting on eBay I noticed it had blue staining. She stated it was from rubbing against her jeans. How would I clean this off I have no idea how long it’s been there but the bag is too adorable to not use again.

  91. Christie
    Posted May 9, 2014 at 12:01 pm | Permalink

    Hi, I have a MK ivory pebbled leather bag that is filthy with an unknown stain that I tried using stain remover on making it worse. I since bought a new summer bag, since this one is slightly worn being 2 yrs old and I am hard on my bags.
    I was just wondering what the cost would be to clean it? Oh, another question…do you fix hardware on bags? A snap, to be precise, on a Gucci bag. I don’t want to go through Gucci. Also, what is your exact location? I live on the Jersey shore however my husband works in seacaucus so he could always pop into the city. Alternately, would you accept mailing it?
    Please let me know. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Thank you,


  92. Shania
    Posted May 15, 2014 at 1:41 am | Permalink

    Hi.. I have an offwhite very soft leather tommy Hilfiger sling bag which got soiled ( brown shoe patches)…thanks to my 3 year old son.. I tried wiping it with damp cloth…didn’t work.

    Please help

  93. Riva
    Posted June 3, 2014 at 11:29 pm | Permalink

    I purchased a Gucci handbag with (what believe to be) hot pink dried paint spots. How would I remove the paint spots without damaging the handbag?

  94. Patricia R. Thompson
    Posted July 5, 2014 at 4:38 pm | Permalink

    Would you give me an estimate on cleaning a jacket–women’s size 12, long sleeves, made by Oscar Leopoldo. Thank you.

  95. Brandy
    Posted August 17, 2014 at 9:34 pm | Permalink

    I have this soft espresso colored soft leather Fossil Explorer bag. It got pretty wet 2 days ago when a cup of water spilled in and soaked through my lunch bag which was hanging next to the leather purse. It must have been a lot of water. My purse now has dark water stains. I tried to wipe the stained areas gently with a wet paper towel (the water stain had already dried) and the leather dye started to come off onto the paper towel so I stopped. Any advice to remove or lighten the water stains without removing the dye from the leather? Thank you!

  96. Posted August 28, 2014 at 4:43 pm | Permalink

    Call me crazy, but was at the nail salon just yesterday, and couldn’t believe my eyes what was on the television: Good news on a news station! IKR? Tips and tricks for removing everyday common stains. FIRST UP: LEATHER HANDBAGS!

    I KID YOU NOT. This woman took out a very expensive leather handback and with some marker or paint not sure which just ‘went at it’ like a kid all over the bag. If that were my bag I would have been fuming. Anyway, what does she say? “Artists glue”
    An art gum eraser! What is that?! I scream LITERALLY… then everyone was watching. **NOTE A REGULAR ERASER SUCH AS FOR A PEN/PENCIL ERASER SHOULD NOT BE USED IN ATTEMPTS TO REMOVE ANY KIND OF STAIN. **

    Still not knowing what it is, I am searching now…
    Let’s see… ‘The art gum eraser is very soft and crumbly.’ [Seems like what I was looking at – Oh, btw, erased it as if it was a chalkboard eraser on CHALK ON A CHALKBOARD. GONE]! …

    … ‘rub art gum eraser gently over the stains/ marks WITH THE GRAIN repeat this step once or twice more to get as much stain out as possible…’ … ‘…gently wipes clean with a DRY cotton cloth… then pretty much if you wanted to go further, something about rubbing alcohol on an ear cotton swab/ Q-tip in a circular motion, then use the other [dry end] and continue with the circular motion, then use the above process of baby wash diluted with soft cotton cloth and if anyone has figured out the entire ‘do we or don’t we oil’ thing, get back to me lol…
    BUT YEAH! AND FOR BLEACH SPOTS!! : Paper Mate® Black Pearl Erasers, Oval, Pack Of 2

  97. Raymonda Mallon
    Posted September 30, 2014 at 1:03 pm | Permalink

    I have a luggage colored Stone & Co. leather bag that has gotten badly stained. I would love to have it cleaned before I use it this Fall. Can you help?

  98. Sandra Silverberg
    Posted October 19, 2014 at 11:23 am | Permalink

    I have a red Judith Leiber snake small bag. It got an oil or lobster juice stain on I.
    How should it be cleaned?
    Do I need to send it to you or back to Leiber?

  99. SheilaJ
    Posted October 22, 2014 at 11:29 pm | Permalink

    I have a beige patent leather coach purse.
    It was stored in a red bag in the top of my closet, along with another red purse.
    When the beige bag was removed from the bag it had red marks on it. They actually looked like lipstick stains, but are not.
    Can this purse be cleaned? Unfortunately, I have tried several “cleaners’ in the bag, with no effect on the stains. A shoemaker even tried a lacquer thinner on one of the stains. He told me that rubbing the solvent into the stains would just heat up the surface and crinkle the surface.

  100. Sherrie Kulwicki
    Posted November 7, 2014 at 2:04 pm | Permalink

    I treated my Michael Kors brown leather purse with a Mr. Clean magic eraser to remove a few ink stains. Worked perfectly. So when I got another larger ink mark on my purse I used it again and this time it removed all the color! I have a large round dark circle. No ink and no leather either. Help!!! Have I ruined it?

  101. amy
    Posted November 9, 2014 at 12:21 pm | Permalink

    i just purchased a coach leather bag with 2 ink stains on it one is small the other is a pen line what can i use to get them out or at least fade them out?

  102. Debbie Pierce
    Posted September 28, 2015 at 8:01 am | Permalink

    Amazing tips! “Leather must breathe”! I am going to try to clean my bags. I am so glad that I found your post. Bags are very expensive and we should be very careful with them. Greetings!

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