Garment Care Tips For Lani

Garment Care Label Symbols Decoded

Don't despair! They're not as mysterious as they may seem!

After sending over some questions from my clients to styling and organization consultant extraordinaire Lani Inlander, Lani had a few garment care questions of her own. They’re very timely as we head into summer, so I thought I’d post them up for all to see.

1.How do I keep my summery whites white? Sometimes they yellow.

It can be a challenge to keep whites white – especially on delicate summer clothing. There’s no foolproof method to care for whites (and depending on the manufacturing process, some garments will yellow no matter what) but there are some simple steps to improve your odds:

–Wash whites with only other whites, on the highest temperature setting you can
–For clothing in generally clean and bright condition, toss in a capful of hydrogen peroxide with the load
–For clothing in dingy condition, use bleach containing Sodium Perborate

2. How do I know what those weird icons mean on the care instruction tag?

This is an easy one – we’ve decoded the garment care hieroglyphs here.

3. What is the best way to care for wool and cashmere sweaters?

Short answer: hand wash. Some wool and wool blend sweaters can be machine-washed and lay flat to dry. Consult the care label, and proceed with caution, using a gentle cycle and cold water. When washing a sweater at home for the first time, I like to measure its dimensions armpit-to-armpit and collar-to-base, just to ensure there has been no shrinking. If the sweater does shrink a touch, don’t despair! Soak it thoroughly and block it back to the old size by allowing it to dry while slightly stretched.

Cashmere and garments with substantial cashmere blends should only be washed by hand. I like to use a solution of tepid water and just a hint of baby shampoo.

4. I’ve heard that you shouldn’t touch a stain before you bring it to the dry cleaner. But what if I can’t get there for a few days and I get olive oil or balsamic vinegar on my shirt at lunch?

Yes, this is good advice. One of our pet peeves is cleaning a garment which has been made worse by a botched stain removal attempt! If it’s just a couple days, however, you don’t need to do anything. Blot the stain at the scene of the crime to sop up any excess from the spill and bring it in as soon as you get the chance.

5. Does grease from the taxi door ever come out? Should I even bother bringing it in to you?

Yes, grease from taxi or other car doors will absolutely come out. This is a tricky stain to handle at home since the grease is a lubricant that does not break down in water. Immersion dry cleaning, however, is safe for most garments and will easily remove oil-based stains.

6. How do you clean a garment that has just a little bit of leather on it?

Very carefully! It’s safest to have this garment dry cleaned to prevent shrinkage of the leather. Depending on what colors and dyes are present in the garment (for instance, a white sweater with black leather trim would be very hazardous) it may be necessary to spot clean the garment to prevent the dye in the leather from becoming soluble and transferring into the textile.

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Meurice Garment Care A Case Study In Twitter Marketing Book

Some exciting news for the team at Meurice – we’re a featured case study in the recently published Twitter guide: The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Twitter Marketing! Authors Brett Petersel and Esther Schindler discuss the rapid growth of our (2,500 follower strong!) Twitter account – and how we’ve been able to connect to an audience as a small business. It’s been a lot of hard work to deliver value through our efforts on Twitter, and other social media sites, and we’re proud of the results.

It might not be polite to brag, but every now and then we have to toot our own horn! Click the images below to for a large view, and if you’d like to read more on how we’ve built our social presence at Meurice, you can buy the book on Amazon.


A Style And Organization Q&A With Lani Inlander

Recently, we asked our clients at Meurice what questions they had for Lani Inlander, a styling and organization consultant. Lani helps men and women find the clothing and accessories they feel most stylish and confident in, and also helps tame closets to ensure you’ll never be stuck again without anything to wear.

We’ve selected our favorite inquiries, and sent them over for a professional opinion:




Jeff Turner writes:
I have a beautiful favorite Paul Stuart blue blazer, and also a double breasted one which now seem to be very loose fitting. I also see that the brass buttons are out date. Do I change them? What color?
Lani’s response:
I suggest that if it is necessary, you alter the Paul Stuart blazer to the new, slimmer shape men are currently wearing. [Ed: This is within the realm of the work our tailor performs] If the brass buttons are in good shape, you could keep them as long as you wore the blazer with a more formal look than a regular sportcoat. Think beautiful checked shirt, tie and pocket square with dress beige pants, not cotton khakis.  If you would like to wear the single breasted blazer in a more casual manner, I would replace the brass buttons with horn ones.


It seems to me that a boxier, double breasted blazer is not a look you should be trying to resurrect, regardless of the buttons.

ML Halland writes:

How should NYers with small closets (isn’t that all of us?) organize their clothes?  It’s hard to figure out what to wear when you can’t see everything at a glance.

Lani’s response:

Yes, Mary, too little storage space is a big issue for most New Yorkers. This is the organizational method I use with my clients who are tight on space.
  1. Make more space with skinny hangers. And no, I don’t mean the kind from the corner dry cleaner! Flocked velvet hangers, such as the Huggable Hanger line, protect the shape of your clothes and use MUCH less space than wooden, metal or plastic hangers.
  2. Double your hanging space for $9.99! Everyone to whom I’ve shown this simple, inexpensive fix, is amazed at the impact it has on their storage space.
  3. Only the clothes you are currently wearing should be hanging in your main closet. Put off-season clothes in beautiful fabric bins which you can stack vertically on the top shelf of your closet or another out of the way place. Black tie clothes you wear once a year should also find a new home. Sandals can go in underbed boxes during the winter, replaced by boots in the summer.
  4. Re-purpose furniture. I believe that out-of-sight equals out-of-mind. Why not stack sweaters and tee shirts on an open bookshelf instead of away in a dresser?
  5. Throw away your shoe boxes! The original boxes, I mean. Replace them with clear shoe drawers. This allows you to stack many more pairs on the top or bottom of your closet, while making them truly accessible.
If have your own question, or you’d like to know more about Lani and her services, visit her website at, and follow Lani on Twitter!

Announcing Expanded Service In Brooklyn

DUMBO manhattan bridge


We began our route in Brooklyn a year ago, and we’ve really enjoyed serving both old clients who moved over the river and new clients who’ve had trouble finding a local cleaner to meet their exacting standards. Due to demand, we’ve extended service and created a permanent route. Meurice now serves Brooklyn every Thursday for both pickup and delivery.

As always, you can expect Meurice’s unparalleled commitment to service and attention to detail in cleaning. Our full menu of services is available in Brooklyn – from specialty goods such as handbag restoration to interior cleaning services. We also offer tailoring and alterations – we’ll even send a seamstress to work with you in your home.

Call us now at 800.240.3377 to schedule your collection time, or use our convenient online reservation page below:

Schedule a Pickup

Free Summer Storage, 2 for 1 Bedding

Meurice has two great offers for spring cleaning 2012!

I love spring cleaning each year because it’s a chance to start fresh and clean out the clutter and grime of the past year. You should love spring cleaning too, because it couldn’t be easier with Meurice.

We’ll clean your home and your wardrobe top to bottom – from draperyupholstery and rugs to custom dry cleaning to restoring handbags. Plus, we’re extending sweet offers exclusively to our email subscribers.

Complimentary Storage: We know closet space is at a premium in the city – let Meurice send your winter wardrobe on a summer vacation in our climate controlled 15,000 square-foot storage facility. They’ll be fresh and ready for complimentary delivery when you are. Please note your winter items must be cleaned with Meurice prior to storage.

Two For One Bedding: My recommendation is to start spring cleaning with bedding. It’s critical to thoroughly clean bedding regularly, because pillows, linens and comforters absorb so much body oil, skin, even dust mites (gross!) During spring cleaning, Meurice will hygienically treat any second bedding item for free when a higher price item is cleaned as well.

Offer valid through April 30, 2012 in-store, or schedule a convenient pickup online! Click the image above for a full-sized coupon.

Winter Shoe Care Offer At Meurice

Winter Shoe Care at Meurice

Don’t let your shoes be a winter casualty.

This time of year, I see a lot of shoes that fall victim to foul weather. It’s critical to clean and waterproof fine shoes before they see snow or salt, and we’re not out of the figurative woods this winter yet. That’s why we’re offering a three for two special at Meurice, now through the 21st of February. Bring in any three shoes for cleaning, conditioning, or both, and we’ll do the trio for the price of two.

Some brief words of advice for your footwear:

If you do get leather shoes salty, it’s important to have them cleaned right away.

If you get your shoes wet, but not salted, dry them out at home in a warm place not directly adjacent to a heat source.

While they’re drying, stuff them with newspaper or magazine pages – or better yet, shoe trees – so they keep their form.

I always tell my clients to treat their shoes the same way they’d treat a handbag, with plenty of gentle care and conditioning, your favorite brogues or pumps can last just as long. By the way, I won’t make any lame puns, but we can restore and protect your Uggs, or any other sheepskin boot, too!

Come in today to see how we can restore your footwear, and keep them looking great, even in trecherous weather. Offer valid in-store, or schedule a pickup online.

Skiwear Savings for 2012

Winter is here, and my girls have been having a blast at the ice skating rink. I know I’m more excited about the start of ski season, though, and I hope you are too.

Activewear always takes a beating, and now is the perfect time to freshen your gear up. Simply bring in your ski jackets, ski pants, ski hats and gloves – or any other skiwear – and we’ll clean them at 20 percent off. Yes, it’s safe to clean skiwear, especially with our Aquacare process – it doesn’t get any greener. We’ll even re-apply waterproofing after cleaning. Offer valid in-store, or schedule a pickup online.





Keep Clean,

Wayne Edelman

Wayne Edelman

2011 Holiday Gift Cards Now On Sale

Buying gifts for your fashion forward friends and family can be a challenge. Don’t fret about finding the right size or style –  we’ve taken all the guesswork out of finding a good, clean gift. Guaranteed to please even the giftee who has everything, Meurice gift cards are available in any denomination, and never expire.

Meurice Gift Cards Now On Sale

Meurice Gift Cards Now On Sale

To purchase,  stop into any of our locations: Midtown, Downtown or Manhasset – or give us a ring and we’ll take care of all the details.

Meurice’s 50th Anniversary – Claim a Free Outerwear Cleaning

50th Anniversary at Meurice
We’re privileged to have been in business in the same Greenwich Village location for more than 50  years – longer than just about anyone else in the neighborhood. It’s been an amazing 50 years, and we’re extremely proud of our company and the community ties we’ve built. I (Wayne) have literally grown up alongside Meurice – this year is my 50th birthday as well! Our success is possible because of our clients, and that’s why we’ve put together such a fantastic offer to celebrate!

To celebrate, share your birthday wishes, or a story from our past 50 years and we’ll clean any outerwear piece (other than fur and leather) free of charge.

Simply post your comment on Facebook to be added to our complimentary cleaning list, and mention Facebook when you drop off or call in your order. You must post a comment on Facebook before November 29th to claim your free cleaning!

From us all: Thank you for the past 50 years. We’re looking forward to keeping 31 University Place clean for another 50 years!

Click here to leave your comment:

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Leave your birthday wishes for Meurice!

The fine print: One free outerwear cleaning per client, not to be combined with any other offer, cleaning not to include fur and leather. Must post on Facebook to receive concession. Free cleaning to be claimed by 12/31/2011.