NYC's Finest Custom Tailors: Top 5 Review


Martin Greenfield

Often described as “the best men’s tailor in the United States,” Martin Greenfield is an 88-year-old Holocaust survivor with a mastery of the suit craft. Spending several years making suits in Auschwitz, Greenfield was eventually liberated and came to the U.S. Working his way up from a floor boy to Vice President of his garment factory, Greenfield has since dressed the likes of Leonardo Di Caprio, President Trump, and Jimmy Fallon.

Greenfield Clothiers makes about 60 suits a day, all completely hand sewn. The company creates made-to-measure suits, tuxedos, sport jackets, and overcoats. With so much history and craftsmanship, Greenfield Clothiers is arguable one of the most prestigious suit makers in the world.


Bindle & Keep

On the opposite end of the suit spectrum, at least in terms of modernity, is Bindle & Keep. Producing suits for new-age brands like Acme, Ace Hotel, and Hall Street, B & K emphasizes the “uncommon thread.” If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind, unique experience, this NYC brand offers a fresh take on the traditional men’s suit. Bespoke suits range from $795 to $1195.   



Offering “premiere tailoring services at a reasonable price,” Mohan’s boasts over four decades of experience in the garment industry. Owner Mohan Ramchanandi started his business with the original vision of outdoing what he calls “overpriced designer clothing.” Specializing in bespoke clothing, the boutique tailor offers custom-made suits built from fine fabrics and sewing patterns at a very reasonable price.


The Armoury

Originally established in Hong Kong in 2010, The Armoury is a New York outpost that combines Western fabrics with East Asian craftsmanship. In an effort to defy “insubstantial products masked by expensive advertising,” the company strives to source their materials from factories, workshops and craftsmen who have dedicated themselves entirely to their product and craft.


Acustom Apparel

Technology has changed a lot about how we do things today, and suit-tailoring is no exception. Using a digital scanning device, Acustom Apparel measures up to 2,000,000 data points on your body to create a detailed, accurate 3D map. This novel process allows their tailors to make precise cuts that get ever close to achieving that “perfect fit.” Suits range from $750 to $1500, and come in a wide variety of fabrics and styles.


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