The Benefits of Luxury Dry Cleaning

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What is luxury dry cleaning?

Whenever you get a stain on an expensive or delicate piece of clothing, you always hear the same thing: “You should take that to a dry cleaner.” This is because professional cleaners are experienced in handling a wide range of garments. It's our job to know exactly what to do when disaster strikes, and we've seen it all. The benefits of using a dry cleaner are not only for getting out tough stains, but also for preserving your clothing. Garments with embroidery, beads, and other decorations simple can't be washed at home in a machine--they need to be hand cleaned and gently washed with special procedures.


Look on the care label of almost any couture or designer garment, and you’ll see the ubiquitous circled “P.” The “P,” which stands for “perchlorethylene,” is the cleaning agent used in almost every dry cleaner in the world. It’s the reason why dry cleaning is called “dry,” even though it still uses a liquid process. Instead of water, perc is used to wash the garment and remove any dirt or stains. Perc is an incredible cleaning solvent, and much more effective than water. If your clothing garment has an usually tough stain, ie. grease, oil, etc., dry cleaning is the perfect method for removing it.

The benefits of luxury dry cleaning

1. Prevent Shrinking

Besides removing tough stains, dry cleaning serves another massive benefit. When washed in water, natural fibers such as wool and silk can shrink, distort and even lose color. You can probably guess, but a dry cleaner has never had any issues with having his/her clothes shrunk. It is certainly possible to wash garments in cold water to avoid shrinking, but the problem with this is that cold water is even less effective than warm water at removing tough stains.

2. Professional Stain Removal

The second benefit of using a dry cleaner is that dry cleaners employ experienced technicians skilled at removing a wide variety of stains. At Meurice Garment Care in New York City, our technicians have an average of over 12 years of experience. It’s safe to say they know a thing or two about safely removing difficult stains, without causing damage to the clothing.

This is an important factor to consider. Not all dry cleaners are created equal, especially in a city like New york. The service you get from your local cleaner may be cheap and fast, but certainly not up to par.

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The cleaning techniques used by dry cleaners are highly technical and require ample experience.

3. Treat Your Clothing With Care

The third reason for using a dry cleaner for your clothing is simply to prolong the lifespan of your garments. Making your clothing last is important both for your wallet and the environment. The fashion industry is one of the biggest consumers of environmental resources. While we completely understanding purchasing new clothing to keep your wardrobe updated, we are proponents of buying less often, and instead investing in high-quality garments that last. Fast-fashion pieces can easily be cleaned at home in your washing machine--but they need to be thrown out just as quickly due to fraying, shrinking, and fading.

Dry cleaning prevents all of this--maintaining the original deep coloring and natural fit of your garments. It is extremely rare for a garment to be shrunk due to dry cleaning, and if it does happen, a reputable dry cleaner like Meurice Garment Care will gladly replace your garment, going out of our way to purchase your original garment and deliver it to you personally.

4. Pressing Matters

The final reason you should heavily consider dry cleaning for your garments is simply that the clothes return beautifully cleaned and pressed. At Meurice Garment Care, all our technicians are expertly trained in providing a hand-ironed, crisp, and seamless finish to every garment that goes through our shop.

“Masters in the art of pressing—they’ll never leave you with an imprint under your pocket flap.
This is where I clean all my suits.”—Mark Ingram, owner, Mark Ingram Atelier

While you may do an excellent job of hand washing your clothing at home (believe us, we respect the hustle), it's extremely time consuming to properly wash, dry, and press your garments  yourself.

Have you ever wondered how business people always seem to appear so sharp and clean cut? No doubt, a huge part of this is their clothing. Needless to say, you should always bring your garments to a reputable cleaner if you feel the need to make a strong impression on your audience.


If high quality is important to you, we highly recommend you try our dry cleaning service, Meurice Garment Care. We offer dry clean delivery throughout the entire New York City metro area, including Brooklyn and parts of Long Island. We have locations in East Midtown, Greenwich Village, and Manhasset.

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