Moldy Patio Cushions? Meurice Can Handle


It's that time of the year! The temperatures are dropping, and the leaves are falling. Now is when you need to think about cleaning and storing your patio furniture cushions. What you don't want to do is bring them in your home, where the dirt and dust will set into your apartment air, but you also can’t just leave them outside where they are prone to mold and mildew.

The best solution? A thorough cleaning before you store them! Here are some photos of some patio cushions a client brought in for some care. Besides the obvious difference in clean, it's good to know that your guests and family can sit comfortably on your terrace without worrying about spores that have settled over time.



Extensive mold and algae has accumulated from heat and moisture. Even brushing off the exterior mold will do little to clean the stuffing inside.



After cleaning the cushions, Meurice applies a special repellant to block out water and stains. 

Regular cleansing of your cushions is the best way to protect your patio from moldy and unsightly patio furniture. Give us a call at (718) 328-0313and we'll be happy to schedule a free pickup at your home or apartment.

Lynn Luong