The Proper Way to Store A Leather Handbag

Properly storing a bag is key to keeping it looking brand new. 

Properly storing a bag is key to keeping it looking brand new. 

Have you ever bought a new leather handbag or briefcase that came in a cotton drawstring pouch? That pouch is called a dust bag — it’s not just fancy packaging, it's extremely useful for storing your designer bag for years to come. Your handbag was expensive -- shouldn't you take care of it? Use these simple ways to prolong the life of your leather bag.

1. Keep handbags stuffed to help retain their shape. 

Acid-free tissue paper (preferably unbuffered) is best; newspaper ink easily transfers, causing discoloration and stains over time. An extra precautionary tip is wrapping the metal pieces like zipper pulls and chains with tissue as well, to protect them from scuffing or scratching against the leather.

2. Give your bags some breathing space.

Resist stacking or worse, piling bags on top of each other in storage. This is a guaranteed way to cause permanent creases. Worse yet, simply rubbing a light colored bag against a dark one can cause staining and dye transfer. Clients come to us all the time saying their flawless bag was somehow stained during storage.  

3. Store them somewhere cool and dark.

The leather and color of handbags age quicker when exposed to UV rays. Storing them someplace dark is always a good thing, but don’t leave them in an attic or basement, where they might be susceptible to mold. Instead, opt for somewhere like the upper shelf of your closet.

4. Clean and moisturize often.

We recommend cleaning and moisturizing your leather bag at least once a season. It's super simple to do, depending on the type of bag, and you can easily purchase handbag-specific moisturizer from a number of retailers online. This will keep any surface stains from permanently setting, and keep the leather fresh, supple, and crack-free.

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