Top 5 Tips for Tailoring Appointments

If clothes make the man, there’s no doubt alterations that make the clothing! 

If clothes make the man, there’s no doubt alterations that make the clothing! 

At Meurice, we sometimes see clients who look sharper in fitted outfits from J.Crew than those with off-the-rack at Armani.

Whether it’s your first time to have your clothes altered or you’re a seasoned vet, here are some simple insider tips to make your fitting go smoothly:


1. Give A Courtesy Call

Most tailors work regular hours and do not require appointments. Yet, to avoid delays, try calling about an hour to half hour ahead of when you expect to walk-in. This is particularly encouraged if you have a large amount of garments to be tailored, or if you are having elaborate work done: a 3-piece-suit, for example.

2. Don’t Rush

Depending on the number of garments you would like to have tailored, your visit can last from 10 minutes to an hour long. To ensure you receive the most accurate measurements, it is best not to rush.


3. Be Prepared

Bring all undergarments, shoes, and necessary items for repairs. If you are having a tux or a gown altered, bring all of the basic items you are planning to wear with the outfit. This is especially true when hemming garments: the length depends on the type of shoes you are going to wear.
For repairs, bring any extra beads, material, and/or thread/yarn. Most manufacturers will supply these items in a little bag when you purchase the garment. Men’s suits will usually come with an extra swatch of material, either in the back pocket of the pants or interior pocket of the jacket.

4. Don’t be Afraid to Speak Up

If you do not feel comfortable in the garment during the pinning, speak up! If you would like something tighter or looser, longer or shorter: let the tailor know before he actually performs the alterations. It is easier to move a pin than it is to open a seam. If having repairs made, be sure that you are clear on what is being done and the expectations you have for the repair. Tailors can do a lot to reconstruct garments, but the process is not magic.


5. Try It On, Again

When collecting your garment after alterations, try it on again. Double-check repairs before leaving the store. This will save you time and the hassle of bringing it back if it is not perfect. And, most tailors will tweak the garment right there, for no additional cost—if need be.


If you’re in the NYC metro area, and interested in tailoring a fine garment, please consider speaking to us at Meurice Garment Care. We have locations downtown, MidtownManhasset Long Island, and even perform at-home-alterations.

Lynn Luong