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Cleaning By Mail

We often hear from clients who have moved or are traveling where fine dry cleaners are difficult to find. If you you are in need of expert cleaning by a reputable service, we're happy to provide our services by mail.

Meurice offers all the same services and care via mail as we do in New York. With over 20 years of experience cleaning by mail, our packing department will ensure you receive fresh cleaning in exactly the condition you would expect from one of our stores. 

For more information on our mail-in cleaning, simply fill out our quote form to the right and tell us a bit about what we can do for you. We'll even send you a shipping label to expedite the process.

"I recently moved to northern California, and despite being 3,000 miles away, I still send my dry cleaning to Meurice on University Place. I call when my clothes are on their way, Meurice sends me an email letting me know my clothes have arrived and when they'll be returned to me, and voila!  My clothes arrive in perfect, pristine condition exactly when they're supposed to.

-Ali C.

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