A woman dressed in a delicate white Loro Piana gown.
A women wearing a black satin couture shirt with matching sequins.

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At Meurice, we understand you expect your designer garments to last. For over 65 years, we've specialized in the delicate art of dry cleaning and restoring your most valuable textiles.

For this reason, Meurice is trusted by New York's most prestigious fashion houses and luxury boutiques. Some of our past clients include Prada, Gucci, Chanel, Hermes, and the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.

Combining careful, hand-crafted techniques with modern technology, our expert team delivers a consistent and unmistakable finish that can only be unique to a French dry cleaner with two generations of tradition. 

Our process:

Upon receiving your couture garment, our technicians carefully inspect for any unnoticed blemishes. Treating each stain individually, our skill team will employ a wide range of techniques unique to the textile and dye used for your garment. In this way, we can ensure your garment is handled in the correct way and kept in its original condition. 

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