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  • I brought in my stained and beat up $2500 Zegna coat and asked them to clean and restore it. It had leather trim and leather buttons, and I was afraid of letting the neighborhood dry cleaners ruin it. When Meurice delivered it to me a week later, it looked brand new. What I saw exceeded my expectations.
    — Praxun W., New York, NY
  • The knowledgeable and attentive staff at Meurice Garment Care provide unparalleled customer service. They always greet me by name, take the time to explain the risks for restoration projects, and provide invaluable advice on how best to store or care for clothes and accessories. They've even been so helpful as to bring my dry cleaning to me while I was in my car because they knew I was pressed for time!
    — Ali C., San Francisco, CA
  • I was quite pleased with the excellent service provided. I was visiting New York and when my garment bag arrived, my Versace tailored suit was dusty, dirty and wrinkled. After having spent some time on the phone with Delta, who offered little consolation, I ventured on down to the closest dry cleaner- Meurice Garment Care, which was lucky, since I needed same-day service. I was happy to find that they did a wonderful job in restoring my suit.
    — Pat T., Hong Kong
  • I can't say enough about Meurice Garment Care. In a city where there are so many dry cleaning services few stand out above the rest. Meurice and the family business has managed to do this. I had some challenging large scale commercial and also some individual high end and dry cleaning issues and once I found Meurice my problems were gone. Nothing ever comes back that's not top quality and that clearly demonstrates individual attention.
    — Frank O., New York, NY


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