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Dry cleaning was originally invented in the 1800s by a Frenchman, who overturned a kerosene lamp and noticed its extremely effective cleaning properties. Since then, French dry cleaners have pioneered the art of dry cleaning, refining both the clean and the press.

When Larry Edelman first started at Meurice Garment Care over 65 years ago, his sole mission was to deliver the fine level of French craftsmanship and expertise carried out by those before him.

Today, Larry's son and Meurice's current president, Wayne Edelman, continues the tradition--employing hand-pressed techniques and superb quality to clients across Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Long Island.

If you are not satisfied with your current dry cleaner, give us a call at (212) 475-2778. We would love to welcome you to Meurice. Offering premium quality and first-class customer service has always been at our roots, and we strive to continue the French tradition.

What can you expect from Meurice? Only the best.

  • Eight-step dry cleaning process

  • Average of 12 years artisan craftsmanship

  • Over 65 years of industry expertise

  • Text message delivery and confirmation

- or call us at 212.475.2778 -

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