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Curtains & Drapery

Regular curtain cleaning extends the lifespan of your curtains and draperies and improves the air quality in your home. Meurice is experienced in a wide range of fabrics and can maintain your curtains' luster and vibrance.

Our team will document, clean, and reinstall your draperies exactly as they were originally. Call today to schedule an interior cleaning with Meurice.

Rugs & Carpets

At Meurice Garment Care, we employ a breadth of cleaning methods and techniques to maintain the integrity of your carpets, rugs, and area rugs. 

Our technicians can service directly within your home, or have rugs shipped and cleaned at our headquarters. Meurice's carpet cleaning service will keep your rugs colorfast, plush, and stain repellent. 


A typical Manhattan living room with a light blue and grey patterned area rug.

Upholstery Cleaning

Meurice's at-home cleaning service keeps your furnishings bright, clean, and illustrious. Our mobile team of upholstery technicians will bring the necessary equipment to clean your home furnishings with care. Cleaning upholsteries is no small job, but our expert team can handle virtually any couch, sofa, and lounge chair.


An arial view of a living room, emphasizing a clean sofa and lounge chair.

Sheets & Linens

Meurice Garment Care specializes in hand-pressed linens and laundry. Our expert pressers have been with us for decades, ensuring each sheet and pillowcase is finished to perfection.

Hand pressed linens provide the highest level of quality, and Meurice handles every size and type available. Call us today at (718) 328-0313 and our delivery team will pick up your sheets, duvets, mattress pads, and pillows.



A freshly spread bed with hand-pressed sheets and linens.


During holiday dinners or casual family get togethers, spills are inevitable. Meurice is experienced in dry cleaning every type of tablecloth with experience and expertise. 

Expensive tablecloths, linens, and table runners are cleaned using careful techniques, then gently folded and packaged to ensure longevity and crispness.  

A fully arranged holiday dinner spread with crystals, flower vases, plates, and silverware.