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Animal hides are organic materials, which means no two are alike. It takes a careful approach to preserve their natural beauty and character. Over the decades, we’ve been recognized as experts - in fact, we even shot a video segment for Martha Stewart’s TV program on how to clean suede and leather.


What type of leather restoration does Meurice do?

Cleaning leather and suede is an art, and we work with all hides and blemishes - from reversing color loss on a vintage jacket to restoring 80-year old leather chairs.

What is the procedure for restoring a leather bag or jacket?

We treat garments using a special natural oil to keep the skin as supple as the day it left the tannery. We rehydrate, recolor, and refinish leather garments to create the ultimate finish.

A man wearing a leather jacket and holding a leather briefcase.
A display of black leather dress shoes, briefcase, notepad, and watch strap.